Meet Our Trip Leaders: James!

Born and raised in Nova Scotia on Canada's beautiful and rugged East Coast gave me an early appreciation of nature and the outdoors. Frequent road trips to immerse myself in nature always gave me the balance I needed during my periods of living in large urban areas, which have included Toronto, Canada, Vancouver, Canada Sydney, Australia and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Next to nature and camping, my biggest passion in life is travelling. While I have been to many places around the world, there is still so much to see, so many people to meet, cultures to experience, history to learn; and this is what keeps me on the road, always searching out my next destination for wanderlust. I speak English, French and Spanish and I am always trying to improve my language skills. I enjoy living life on the edge; thrill seeking is what I hope will keep me forever young. Whether it's jumping out of a plane or off a bridge, barrelling down class 5 white water rapids, or mountain biking down Death Road in Bolivia; I'm not one to turn down an opportunity for an adrenaline rush.

For me, there is no feeling in the world like seeing something incredible for the first time, especially far from home. My favourite thing about being a tour leader with Detours is giving others the opportunity to experience the same, unforgettable, indescribable-with-words-or-pictures feeling...Imagine seeing Machu Picchu, a wonder of the world, for the first time...or sailing around the Greek islands and realizing that you may as well be in a National Geographic magazine. Perfection!

I am a nature loving, free spirited adventurer who wants to use my enthusiasm for these things to make your trip with us the unforgettable adventure of a lifetime. Because after all, life shouldn't be a straight line...