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Meet Our Team: Kyle!

If I had to describe my experiences traveling in Asia it would have to be: 100% obsessed! Raised in Vancouver, Canada I’ve had a world of exposure to the people and culinary delights of Thailand, Japan, Korea, Cambodia, Vietnam and China and it sparked an interest that never quite extinguished. I found myself visiting the aforementioned places and engrossing my habits towards the way of the locals. Why eat eggs and potatoes at 6:00am when I could eat raw fish and fried rice (wait - “isn’t that lunch”)? For me, travel is not only about the experience, but the path to learning a new perspective on life.

Each time I purchase a plane ticket, I always get a little nervous. It’s the anticipation of the people I’ll meet, the unfamiliar places that will push me to love something new. My nerves gave me courage to rush the streets of Bangkok for the first time (watch that motorcycle!) and they’ll energize me to hike through a cave to get that perfect viewpoint photo. My nerves give me the confidence to -attempt- a language so I can mingle with locals and understand how things came to be the way they are. They’ve taught me the importance of being on-time for that bullet train in Japan and they’ve taught me that my drink will arrive whenever the restaurant damn well decides it’s ready. The nerves I experience happen because I know I’ll need to relinquish my expectations of home and anticipate the cultures that are waiting ahead of me. To learn is to grow and to grow, I travel.

When I’m not traveling, I’m hiking to the top of one of my favourite coastal mountains. I’m sitting late with friends and listening to their busy days. I’m searching for the next best cocktail in the city. I’m guiding travellers through the Canadian Rockies to help deliver the experience that I’m always seeking: adventure beyond expectation. 

I’ve studied history and political science, I’ve studied hospitality and tourism management. I’m always looking to learn and grow and I’m always hungry for what’s next on the itinerary (and the menu!). 

My dream has always been to travel for work and I think I’m doing pretty well so far! Can’t wait for what (and who) is next.