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Meet Our Team: Scott!

Growing up in Christchurch, on the South Island of New Zealand - the world's most-isolated country, the rest of the world always seemed, and was, far away. As a young Kiwi, I would pore over maps and immerse myself in atlases, wondering what it would be like to explore the ancient streets of Rome, be dwarfed by New York City's skyscrapers, hear the roar and feel the spray of Iguassu Falls, traverse the Himalaya, lose myself in ancient Middle-Eastern streets, or island hop through the Caribbean.

Fast Forward thirty (or forty, perhaps!) years, and I no longer wonder, having seen, done, and experienced all of this and so much more. At last count, I'd visited around 75 countries, notably on long, multi-month "backpacking" trips across North America, Europe, Central and Southern Asia, and South America, as well as having lived in several countries and sailed the seas teaching photography (a passion) and creative applications on a luxury cruise line. It's hard to summarize all the things I've experienced and all the places I've seen in one short blurb, but I'll happily trade my travel stories for yours when we meet!

I've been based in the dynamic, cosmopolitan city of Montreal since 2006, and following a varied career in bartending, serving, teaching English as a second language, graphic & web design, and sales, I made my passion for travel a profession and led budget overlanding tours in Egypt, Jordan, and Syria in 2010. I later moved to leading more upmarket tours for retirees and had a lot of success sharing both my home country and adopted home with inquisitive travelers from around the world. I've led groups safely through political uprisings in the Middle East, Covid shutdowns in New Zealand and Australia, and biblical floods, fires, and hurricanes in North America, but all the challenges are far outweighed by the incredible places that I've had the opportunity to share with people, the friends I've made along the way, and the amazing stories and histories these new friends have shared with me. 

I can't think of a more satisfying (or somewhat addictive!) job than tour leading. Helping my guests have unforgettable experiences, create lifelong memories, and forge enduring friendships is what drives me, and Detours provides me with a perfect balance of work, travel, and lifestyle. I'm looking forward to sharing some of my favourite places, and some of the most exciting, vibrant, and beautiful destinations on earth with you!