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Meet Our Team: Brandon!

When I was younger, the walls of my room were covered with maps of places I dreamed of visiting. I spent hours of my time reading and watching documentaries about ancient civilizations, world cultures, and the various histories of the world and of its people. I’d awe at the diversity of humanity and the intricacies of what those different places and cultures had to offer. This fed into a very innate aspect of my being; an incessant and instinctive need to travel.

My professional life has been quite eclectic and varied. While most of my life has been dedicated to entertainment and working in film; I have also crewed for hot air balloons in the prairies, managed gay nightclubs in Vancouver and been a buyer and importer of liquor and wines from around the world. When I wasn’t busy working, my recreational life was spent elsewhere getting lost in the unknown. ATVing in the jungles of Mexico, sailing in the Mediterranean, swimming in underground cenotes, and exploring ancient Mayan, Roman, and Grecian ruins. There have been moments where I have had to sleep on an open beach with nothing but a blanket because I didn’t have a room for a night, to staying at an old French ambassadors villa on a Greek island.

When it comes to travel, my philosophy has always been to fully immerse myself into where I am. To allow myself the opportunity to be open to new ventures and soak in an experience from the inside rather than as an observer. It will amaze you what you can discover about a place (and about yourself) when you arrive ready to accept everything it has to offer and are open to meeting new people from all walks of life. The countless stories I have gained from the people I have met; those have been some of the most life changing moments I have experienced.

As your Trip Leader, this philosophy holds true. I want to ensure you get that same feeling of thrill and excitement that I get when I travel. To have the chance to see and explore a place from a perspective you would otherwise never get to see. Who knows, it may even change your life.