Making Payments


There's no need to pay for the entire trip all at once! Below is a simple schedule of payments that are required prior to your adventure to keep your account in good standing. Keep in mind, these are minimum payments, so if you'd like to fast-track your way to "fully paid" you're completely welcome to. We also offer several payment options as well for your convenience.

First, REGISTER for your adventure, then:

Within 7 Days - $500 USD deposit due.

60 days prior to trip start - Balance due.

Please note, payments received in non-USD currency will be converted to USD using current market rates available at on date of receipt.


  1. Credit Card  
  2. Cheque or Money Order
  3. Wire Transfer
  4. INTERAC E-transfer (Canadian Travelers)

1) Credit Card

Easy!  Just log into your "Your Trip" account and click on the "Make Payment" button.  Your payment will be automatically posted to your account.  We don't charge any additional fees for credit card payments.

2) Check or Money Order

Checks (personal or registered) or money orders can be sent to the following address.  We will send you a confirmation of receipt as soon as it arrives.  

Please allow up to 3 weeks for confirmation of receipt for regular-paced mail.

Detours Travel
PO Box 10094
Airdrie, AB  T4A 0H4

3) Wire Transfer

Wire transfers can be accepted from travelers anywhere in the world.  Please contact us for up-to-date wire instructions.

4) INTERAC E-transfer payment (Canada only)

Just log in to your online banking and send an Interac E-transfer to, easy!  The official day's exchange rate at will be used to credit your account.

If none of these options will work for you or for more information on any of the above mentioned payment methods…please contact us here