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Detours is a laid-back, no-strings-attached approach to gay group travel that feels more like exploring the world with old friends than anything else. Our less-restricting itineraries mean spontaneous, fun-filled opportunities to capture the best of what every spot along the way has to offer.

Why Detours

Smaller Group Sizes

Maximum 15 people - keeps things intimate and low impact

Guaranteed Departures

Over 50 trips each year - and they're all guaranteed departures

Structured Spontaneity

Flexible itineraries leave plenty of room for unique experiences

Our Trips

We offer trips to many amazing destinations.

12 Days in Thailand

Starting at $2,680 USD

12 Days in Costa Rica

Starting at $2,480 USD

12 Days in Greece

Starting at $2,780 USD

12 Days in Peru

Starting at $2,860 USD

8 Days in Peru

Starting at $2,490 USD

12 Days in Spain

Starting at $2,590 USD

12 Days in South Africa

Starting at $3,170 USD

8 Days in Israel

Starting at $2,690 USD

12 Days in Croatia

Starting at $2,790 USD

11 Days in Israel & Jordan

Starting at $3,290 USD

12 Days in New Zealand

Starting at $3,080 USD


Our travelers love us, and you will too.

William B. - USA

June 19, 2013

Great trip and experience. Excellent value for money. Unlike its competitors, detours actually runs the tours with its own employees, instead of simply subcontracting to others. That made a big difference in my opinion. I especially liked the choice of being as active or lazy as I wanted on the trip. Thanks again for a great trip.

Michael T. - UK

July 27, 2013

This was a well planned tour giving a diverse insight into Thailand: from the bustle of the historic part of Bangkok to its more modern side; from the relatively remote island of Ko Pha Ngan (outside of the full moon party time) to the more lively sides of Ko Samui and Phuket; from the east coast to the west coast, with a brief stop in between. Add into the mix a visit to the former capital of Thailand 2 hours north of Bangkok and the itinerary has enough to suit all tastes. I certainly enjoyed it a lot! Meeting other like-minded guys in the company of a very knowledgeable and competent tour-guide provided by Detours added an extra dimension and allowed exploration also of the nightlife Thailand has to offer too, something I probably wouldn't have enjoyed if I had travelled alone or with a travel company less open-minded travel company. This was my first experience of Detours and I am already looking forward to my next trip with this company.

Eric H. - USA

November 2, 2016

If you're reading these reviews to gauge whether you should book a trip with Detours or not, stop what you are doing and go pay your deposit. Seriously, go do it. It will be the easiest thing you do all year. Then go on your trip and have the time of your life. The Detours team will do everything they can to make your trip as effortless as possible. You will have some planned activities, but for the most part you are free to do what you want. You'll then regroup for dinner, but even that too is flexible. Detours management and trip leaders are passionate about what they do and you will notice it as you plan for your trip and while you are there. This is not a packed tour bus going from tourist attraction to the next. You will be part of a small group with a common bond and will make new friends for life.

If you are considering Thailand and are unsure of traveling to an Asian country for the first time, set that fear aside and go. Thailand is a beautiful country with beautiful people. It is very easy to "get around" Thailand as most people speak at least some English, enough to get through any transaction.

Did you pay your deposit yet?

Don B. - USA

May 13, 2014

This was my second trip with Detours, and I have to say, the company did not disappoint. The flexibility of the itinerary was what I like most from the trip. The guide gave us an excellent introduction of the southern part of the country, as well as able to do optional activities all together. The accommodations, transportation in between and recommendations about meals were excellent. I might visit the country again in the near future just because of how it was introduced to me. Just like my first trip with Detours, the best thing that I could bring back home were the people I made friends with during the trip, and of course the great new friends that was on my trip, which for sure I will be getting in touch with. I can't say much more how great this trip was, I can only say that a third trip with Detours is definitely coming soon. Kudos to you Miles, another great job well done. Don (USA)

Tom P. - USA

August 25, 2014

I had never thought about going to Thailand before this trip. Miles was so patient with ALL my travel questions, bouncing between all 3 of Detours offered locations. At the time my partner and I registered, there was a political situation and Miles assured us that all would be fine. Even though the country was still under martial law when we were there, there was no sign of anything the news tried to portray as bad. All 15 of us got to view Thailand in its true beauty.
Not only did Miles do an amazing job of keeping tabs on 15 guys wandering through a country of 66 million people, but he kept the whole thing together. From vans, to taxis, to planes, yachts, catamarans, hotel rooms, he did it all! To us, it all appeared seamless, even though we knew he fixed it before we knew about it. He was able to organize any event we could think of.
If you are thinking about Thailand, or any trip with a gay company, Detours is definitely the perfect choice. Never once did I feel unwelcome by any of the other travelers and especially Miles. I have made some great friends in a short time, and a lifetime of memories. As I finish writing this, I am reading a testimony of a fellow traveler (Bill). My words cannot compare to his. I cannot begin to thank Miles, Detours Travel, and all of my travel companions enough for such an amazing time. I was able to hold back tears until now, but they are certainly happy ones.

Brooks B. - USA

February 26, 2017

Another amazing adventure with Detours! I just got home from an incredible trip to South Africa and cannot say enough about the trip. I am so happy that I have had the pleasure of traveling with Dan Clarke and Miles Mitchinson on two different trips and they have become great friends! If you are thinking of booking a trip with Detours, the only advice I can give is DO IT NOW! I have traveled with them to Costa Rica, Peru and South Africa and I am already plotting my next adventure. I am a big fan of Detours and cannot say enough about them. Thanks so much Miles and Dan for the amazing experience!

Stephen A. - USA

February 10, 2016

So I’ve been back for a couple weeks now and I’m still riding the waves of the 15 day dream in Thailand. This was my first trip with Detours Travel and I am now a fanatic of Detours. I’m already planning my next vacation with them. My trip leader for our 15 day trip to Thailand was Miles. Miles has such an intoxicating personality and passion for what he does. From the very beginning, Miles was so engaged with you; from the time you initiate the trip on the Detours website to days and weeks after the trip has ended. Miles is so incredibly attentive and in tune with you as an individual and as a group. Not once did I ever feel subjugated to partake in any activity. If you wanted to go off on your own adventure, Miles was your biggest cheerleader and made sure all the proper arrangements were made. My trip started off with the most incredible, memorable New Years celebration I will ever have in my life. We spent New Years on a luxurious, high class rooftop bar where we had a 360 degree view of the party on the streets and fireworks exploding all around us as we released white balloons for good luck. This set the bar pretty high for the rest of the trip and at every turn, my expectations were blown. The hotels we stayed at were incredible, the food we at was even more incredible and I left this trip with a lust for more. Miles had everything structured without a structure. The transition from place to place was pretty seamless and smooth. I didn’t feel as if I was being ushered and rushed from here to there to see experience different things. It was a phenomenal 15 days of fun, laughter, and cultural experiences. There was not one time during the trip and will never be a time where I will ever regret the decision to go on this trip. I began the trip with a bunch of strangers and left with friends.

Mychal M. - USA

January 20, 2013

This was the highlight of my life, it was so much better than I could have ever dreamed a trip could be. The most beautiful group of incredible men we felt like family from day 1. Miles , aside from being a tour guide was so attentive and helpful ,I felt more like a brother than a client. It scares me to think all I would have missed had I gone with any other tour company. Miles really goes above and beyond and I wouldn't hesitate for a moment to follow him around the world! Can't wait to go on another adventure with him next year.

Steve C. - USA

August 26, 2014

Beyond Amazing for any gay traveler seeking adventure and fun in a flexible tour. A perfect mix of an urban journey and ocean escapade, all in the company of a small group of like-minded guys. Seriously, it does not matter if you're a solo traveler or going with a partner. With a typical group size between 10-15 people of various age groups, I promise you will become fast friends with everyone on Day 1. I went by myself and felt that I had traveled to Thailand with a group of life long pals. Miles Mitchinson goes above and beyond to insure that each person gets to experience any activity you set out to accomplish. At times, all of us would take a day trip together snorkeling to the gorgeous islands of Ko Phi Phi or a drag show in Bangkok. At other times we break off into smaller groups who may want to experience zip lining, hiking, elephant riding, or simply relaxing on the beach. This is not a group tour that is structured 24/7. Detours allowed us to customize our experience during the trip itself. Traveling with Miles was like having our own personal concierge who takes care of all arrangements. Thailand is gay friendly, beautiful, fluent in English, and very inexpensive (I came back with some of my spending cash). The value of the tour price was exceptional. Just get yourself to/from Bangkok and bring money for meals/drinks (Typical meals were under $10 and drinks often $3 - $5). I discovered Detours on a google search and anticipate returning next year for another adventure. Go Have Fun!

Kari S. - England

June 10, 2013

I had a great time. The tour was very well organized and Miles, the tour operator, knew exactly where to go and knew about sites that most tourists don't know about. The group was very welcoming and fun. Highly recommend.