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Detours is a laid-back, no-strings-attached approach to gay group travel that feels more like exploring the world with old friends than anything else. Our less-restricting itineraries mean spontaneous, fun-filled opportunities to capture the best of what every spot along the way has to offer.

Why Detours

Smaller Group Sizes

Maximum 15 people - keeps things intimate and low impact

Guaranteed Departures

Over 50 trips each year - and they're all guaranteed departures

Structured Spontaneity

Flexible itineraries leave plenty of room for unique experiences

Our Trips

We offer trips to many amazing destinations.

12 Days in Thailand

Starting at $2,680 USD

12 Days in Costa Rica

Starting at $2,480 USD

12 Days in Greece

Starting at $2,780 USD

12 Days in Peru

Starting at $2,860 USD

8 Days in Peru

Starting at $2,490 USD

12 Days in Spain

Starting at $2,590 USD

12 Days in South Africa

Starting at $3,170 USD

8 Days in Israel

Starting at $2,690 USD

12 Days in Croatia

Starting at $2,790 USD

11 Days in Israel & Jordan

Starting at $3,290 USD

12 Days in New Zealand

Starting at $3,080 USD


Our travelers love us, and you will too.

Olen M. - USA

December 11, 2014

Dan was absolutely fabulous. He is very enthusiastic, loves his job, and was a joy to be around.  Manuel Antonio was by far my most favorite stop. It was the most picturesque. The bungalows at La Fortuna were extremely high class and very comfortable. The private villa was a great place to relax. San Jose was a good place to start and stop the best vacation I've ever had.  For me, this was the trip of a lifetime. I look forward to more detours in the future.

Gavin & John - Australia

March 19, 2018

Africa had eluded us for sometime, until we learnt about the Detours itinerary to South Africa which included Cape Town, the Winelands and Kruger National Park. The fact that Detours is a gay company was all the better and this would be their fifth time in South Africa since starting their tours there in early 2017.  There were fifteen men in the group, the max for a Detours’ adventure and this included a majority from the USA, a few from Canada and ourselves from Australia.  We soon learnt from fellow traveller Stanley, a veteran Detour devotee who had completed all the available itineraries, this travel package came ‘with options’ which we discovered was one of its best features. If we wanted to participate in planned activities like day excursions, dinner each evening and visits to bars, all well and good.  However, if we wanted to do something different, Dan offered his help by suggesting, researching and planning an alternative activity so we all achieved maximum enjoyment. Or we could opt to do nothing at all and relax in the comfort of the hotel.  Would we do another Detours adventure? Absolutely! We’re already planning our next destination.

Ken P. - USA

September 20, 2014

I just got back from the Detours Trip to Greece (9/7-9//18) the other day and cannot highly recommend it enough. From the pre-planning stages to the end of the trip Miles and Dan were both amazing. While planning the trip initially a few months ago, I was booked to go with my partner at the time, due to some personal issues we had to cancel my partner's portion of the trip. Miles was always so responsive and worked with me swiftly to take care of any refunds and re-booking me as a single traveler. Just from his superior personalized customer service, I could tell that I was going to be in good hands with the trip. As the trip fastly approached, I felt some apprehension about going solo on the trip as I knew that Santorini and the islands had a reputation for being super romantical and I wasn't sure if I wanted to do that by myself. All those fears melted away as Miles assured me that out of the 8 travelers, there was only one couple and the rest were solo travelers or friends. The day we all finally met in person that afternoon in Athens, I realized that I was going to be traveling with some really great people and all those anxieties quickly disappeared. So what's the best way to describe going on a Detour's Trip? It's like traveling with an adventurous group of good friends (that you haven't met yet) that is being led by another really good friend who has happens to know all the best spots to sight see, eat, drink and be merry. We seriously didn't have to think about anything as Miles/Dan just led the way the whole time on a really relaxed easy going timetable. This was definitely unlike any other tour i've been on as it was a very "go with the flow" mentality. Do you guy's want to see this? This is a really cool spot to see a sunset, want to check it out? What type of food are you in the mood for? Alright, I know the perfect place! The thing I enjoyed the most though was the adventure aspect of the trip, this was a very active trip with a lot of exploration, hiking and more. Some of the highlights for me were renting Dune Buggies in Milos, hiking Skaros Rock in Santorini, renting a private Pirate Ship in Santorini and hiking the Caldera/Hot Springs, having our own "sunset happy hours" numerous times, exploring the nightlife and streets of Mykonos and of course all the amazing meals and drinks we had! What really impressed me the most about Detours is that Miles/Dan really aren't just the tour leaders of the trip, they become your friends and eat, drink and experience everything along with the group, and they genuinely care about making sure everyone is having a good time. By the end of the trip, our group grew so close that we all want to travel on another Detours Trip together next year! Highly highly recommended! ;-)

Jeff R. - USA

April 12, 2014

Let's be honest, Costa Rica is Pura Vida, and just imagine exploring this tropical paradise with a group of gays!!! DeTours will redefine your concept of vacation. Beginning with my initial trip inquiry, Miles proved to be a welcome connoisseur, friend and guide, answering my innumerable questions, easing my concerns, and paving the path for an amazing journey. Even so, I was not prepared for how much fun this trip would be! The culmination of guys from several countries with such diverse backgrounds coming together so experience the abundant beauty, culture, vegetation, animals, flavors and aromas of Costa Rica was truly beyond words and memories I shall ne'er forget. Life begins when you DeTour!!

Chris L. - USA

October 1, 2015

I just ended my 12 day adventure in Greece with Detours Travel. This was my first time traveling with a group of strangers and I couldn't of asked for a better adventure. I can't say enough positive things about our tour leader Dan, who had a omnipresence through out the trip making sure everyone was enjoying themselves. I can only explain my trip as an unimaginable amazing LIFE experience. At the start of my journey I never expected to walk away with friends and I did just that, including our amazing tour leader Dan. This trip really had something for everyone, everyday and it was all optional. A few of my favorite activities outside of bonding with the other travelers, were kayaking through the Mediterranean Sea, hiking, and laying by the beach. I'm already planning my second Detours adventure and I haven't made it home from the first one. You can't experience the adventure if you don't get on the ride - you won't regret it.

Stephen C. - USA

September 16, 2017

It really doesn't get any better. Well planned, reasonably priced and beautifully crafted. I've gone on Detours trips to Spain and Croatia. Both were life-changing. Can't recommend them highly enough. You will experience a new country at the hands of an expert, and make many new friends in the bargain. I'll go wherever they go, happily.

Tom P. - USA

June 20, 2016

I wanted to say how incredibly wonderful this whole experience has been.  I know that we will be doing one of the tours next year.  Also, Dan was amazing. You should be very proud of what you have put together.

Joe M. - USA

May 17, 2014

I can't say enough about what a wonderful trip this was. Costa Rica is an utterly gorgeous country, and Miles and Dan took us to spots that were always beautiful and usually well off the beaten track--they seem to know the country as well as any local! Miles and Dan were great hosts as well--engaging, smart, funny, and always well-informed. They knew great places to eat, the best of nightlife, and hooked us up with terrific side trips that showed off the country and its flora and fauna to dazzling effect. It's really the best vacation I've ever taken, and I recommend it highly to anyone. Thanks again, Miles and Dan! Joe Murphy

Richard H. - USA

January 20, 2014

Excellent adventure! Solo traveller who had a good feeling after a review of the Detours Travel site. And after some brief correspondence with Miles, I was sold. Highly recommend this trip for those wishing to visit an exotically beautiful country with warm and welcoming people. Miles is a very knowledgable and experienced traveller and trip guide who makes everything tick just right. If an issue of any proportion arises, you can count on Miles to fix it immediately. He is genuine and fun making the whole experience totally worthwhile from start to finish. Take this trip and you will have memories for a lifetime…

Jeff M. - USA

July 19, 2014

I have just returned home for an amazing vacation in Costa Rica! This was one of the top vacations I have been able to enjoy! Dan was an excellent tour guide, sharing his vast knowledge of the country and helping us all with translations and experiencing the best adventures ever! White Water Rafting was amazing, as well as Zip Lining over the rain forest. I met 12 amazing new friends and had the time of my life. Miles did a great job of confirming everything and handling all the details for our group! Dennis our personal chef during our stay at the private villa was beyond exceptional! This is a trip I will not soon forget and look forward to booking another adventure with Detours! I am thinking Greece next June! I will also be publishing a blog on my entire adventure so be sure to look for it! If you like adventure travel and enjoy smaller groups, and something different than the typical "Gay Vacation" this is definitely a trip for you and Costa Rica is a great place to experience so many grand adventures from White Water Rafting, Zip lining, Canyoneerying, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Nature Walks, and some great food and great company! You can't go wrong with Detours! Experience the best next time you travel!!!