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Detours is a laid-back, no-strings-attached approach to gay group travel that feels more like exploring the world with old friends than anything else. Our less-restricting itineraries mean spontaneous, fun-filled opportunities to capture the best of what every spot along the way has to offer.

Why Detours

Smaller Group Sizes

Maximum 15 people - keeps things intimate and low impact

Guaranteed Departures

Over 50 trips each year - and they're all guaranteed departures

Structured Spontaneity

Flexible itineraries leave plenty of room for unique experiences

Our Trips

We offer trips to many amazing destinations.

12 Days in Thailand

Starting at $2,680 USD

12 Days in Costa Rica

Starting at $2,480 USD

12 Days in Greece

Starting at $2,780 USD

12 Days in Peru

Starting at $2,860 USD

8 Days in Peru

Starting at $2,490 USD

12 Days in Spain

Starting at $2,590 USD

12 Days in South Africa

Starting at $3,170 USD

12 Days in New Zealand

Starting at $3,080 USD

8 Days in Israel

Starting at $2,690 USD

12 Days in Croatia

Starting at $2,790 USD

11 Days in Israel & Jordan

Starting at $3,290 USD


Our travelers love us, and you will too.

Chris L. - USA

October 1, 2015

I just ended my 12 day adventure in Greece with Detours Travel. This was my first time traveling with a group of strangers and I couldn't of asked for a better adventure. I can't say enough positive things about our tour leader Dan, who had a omnipresence through out the trip making sure everyone was enjoying themselves. I can only explain my trip as an unimaginable amazing LIFE experience. At the start of my journey I never expected to walk away with friends and I did just that, including our amazing tour leader Dan. This trip really had something for everyone, everyday and it was all optional. A few of my favorite activities outside of bonding with the other travelers, were kayaking through the Mediterranean Sea, hiking, and laying by the beach. I'm already planning my second Detours adventure and I haven't made it home from the first one. You can't experience the adventure if you don't get on the ride - you won't regret it.

Brian R. - USA

January 18, 2016

I had a really great experience and all the five star reviews are legit. This was my first time traveling alone and overseas. I had some expectations of what was going to happen, but I did not realize how incredible the trip was going to be. Miles organized the entire 15 days in a way that I felt like I was enjoying the areas like a local. Miles has been to Thailand about 20-30 times, I cant remember exactly and everything from the restaurants, spas, travel (bus,van,airplane,boat,airplane), and events it was all done seamlessly. The hotels were incredible and he did this all on a very small budget. The thing that impressed me the most about Miles is that he had 16 very different personalities on the trip and was able to mesh us all together, he also spent quality time with each of us multiple times. The entire trip was so memorable, fun and within a budget. It was a great experience.

Gary F. - USA

July 5, 2016

Put your fears to rest. This group can do no wrong! I was a little hesitant signing up my husband and I on a trip to Greece for our 23rd anniversary. The reviews (all of them) seemed too good to be true. Now that the trip is complete, I can safely say that they are absolutely 100% correct. I loved our tour, our tour guide, and every single one of the brand new friends I met on this trip. It was incredible. I travel quite a bit and have been on organized tours before. This one surpasses them all and just leaves you wanting more. Dan was the perfect host as he was friendly, attentive, and considerate of all the different personalities in the group. When my husband got heat stroke he immediately offered to go into town and pick up some PowerAde so he wouldn't become dehydrated. Also as we ate dinner one night down by the water it got a little chilly. Dan walked back to the hotel and grabbed his entire wardrobe to share with us. Is this guy for real? He was just that wonderful. When I travel to new locations I have to do tons of research, plan out all the details, and get everything in order weeks before I go. I was a wee bit stressed when Miles suggested I let all that go and allow his company to take care of those details. After 63 frantic emails, I decided to relax and go with the flow. So glad I did. Dan provided suggestions for activities the night before to the entire group and allowed us to pick. Most of the time we were all excited to hang out with each other and opted for group activities, but it was nice to know there were other ideas available if we wanted something more specific. We were the only couple out of the group of 11 guys from all over the world. Thankfully the personalities clicked right away and there was never any animosities or trouble for the entire trip. I think Dan had a lot to do with keeping our little group running. He was constantly leading conversations, asking questions, and making sure all of us were interacting. I was surprised with how quickly we passed from awkward strangers to comfortable friends. If I had to say an exact moment it was by the time we walked from our meeting at the hotel to the Rooster bar on our first night. By then we were already joking and laughing and picking out nicknames for each other. Detours has done a excellent job creating this tour company. How soon can I go on another one?


September 19, 2015

My second detours trip, with a third already planned, so you know how much I appreciate Detours and their guides/hosts. Dan and Miles are always fantastic and go out of their way to make sure everyone is happy and enjoying their vacation the way they want. The options they provide are diverse, the groups have always been fun, and the destinations are amazing. It feels like a customized vacation made just for you, and a group of soon-to-be good friends.

William B. - USA

June 19, 2013

Great trip and experience. Excellent value for money. Unlike its competitors, detours actually runs the tours with its own employees, instead of simply subcontracting to others. That made a big difference in my opinion. I especially liked the choice of being as active or lazy as I wanted on the trip. Thanks again for a great trip.

Russell L. - U.K.

July 24, 2014

For the best vacation take; one brilliant, patient, fun, enthusiastic guide, and twelve strangers. Visit in comfort various locations in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Dare yourself to do things that you'd never remotely consider doing. Not forgetting to enjoy the luxury of a private chief, take a night swim in one of many infinity pools overlooking the Pacific Ocean or chill in your own cabin under a volcano. Leave to enjoy for 12 days. Result 13 friends and extraordinary memories. If you're thinking about doing this trip, stop thinking, just book now while you can; you won't regret it. Like so many of my companions I'm already booking for a new location next year!

Jeff M. - USA

July 19, 2014

I have just returned home for an amazing vacation in Costa Rica! This was one of the top vacations I have been able to enjoy! Dan was an excellent tour guide, sharing his vast knowledge of the country and helping us all with translations and experiencing the best adventures ever! White Water Rafting was amazing, as well as Zip Lining over the rain forest. I met 12 amazing new friends and had the time of my life. Miles did a great job of confirming everything and handling all the details for our group! Dennis our personal chef during our stay at the private villa was beyond exceptional! This is a trip I will not soon forget and look forward to booking another adventure with Detours! I am thinking Greece next June! I will also be publishing a blog on my entire adventure so be sure to look for it! If you like adventure travel and enjoy smaller groups, and something different than the typical "Gay Vacation" this is definitely a trip for you and Costa Rica is a great place to experience so many grand adventures from White Water Rafting, Zip lining, Canyoneerying, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Nature Walks, and some great food and great company! You can't go wrong with Detours! Experience the best next time you travel!!!


August 22, 2014

Thailand’s allure was an impulsive choice but a prototypical tour had no appeal. A serendipitous Google search led me to Detours Travel’s site. After a few prompt electronic communications with Miles Mitchinson, the Adventure Director (also co-founder and owner) and a week’s time, I was on my way across the world.
First stop was Bangkok- a wild metropolis with calm Buddhist roots. It is home to millions, has murky rivers lined with dilapidated shacks in the foreground of countless skyscrapers and temples all connected by a plexus of streets with vendors offering most wares and services imaginable to mankind. Here vehicles coexist with pedestrians in a state of chaotic fluidity. Bangkok’s sense of lawlessness can easily intimidate most visitors; but our group guide with his command of the language and familiarity of the city made the visit non-threatening and engaging.
Next were the islands and Phuket- the impetus to my visit. They proudly represent Thailand’s glory with majestic unspoiled clear-blue water and white sand beaches despite heavy tourism. Detours Travel offers to arrange an optional hiking trip, elephant riding, wild monkeys feeding, full spectrum of aquatic activities, height-terrifying zip lining and even bungee jumping. Or one could choose to just relax and enjoy Thailand’s natural beauty by the beach or poolside; drink or book of choice at hand. No pressure, no “must do” list; it is all one’s prerogative. Your trip; your choice.
The accommodations were comfortable, clean, safe and pleasant. Air, bus and boat travel to the internal destinations were included. Some meals were included. Daily group dinner arrangements were offered as an optional esprit de corps building activity. The weather is hot and humid.
Accompanied or solo travel is welcomed. This grants the possibility of intersecting with people with diverse histories and the prospect of making long lasting friendships...or not. Again, the latitude of exchange is a personal choice.
And then there is Miles, our guide. He is easy on the eyes, with a ready smile, gentle disposition and intent on making the trip a true adventure. His authentic love of Thailand, its people and its offerings is infectious and he makes every attempt to assure that everyone in the group is enjoying the experience.
In all it was a phenomenal trip. Detours Travel delivers an indelible experience; the memories shall bring many smiles upon recollection. It is a truly a customized group travel adventure allowing for one final exclamation: “Why not? It is Bangkok!” Be warned however, at the end of the trip and once at home, the heart may feel a heavy void for Thailand and the friendships newly made.

Daniel L. - USA

February 21, 2016

I was part of the 12 Day Thailand Trip (Dec/Jan). What a great way to spend new years! We were up on a rooftop in Bangkok watching the crowds of people lining the streets below and the fireworks. One of the best New Years memories I will have. After that, we visited Phuket, Koh Samui and Koh Phanghan. Everyone had the option of doing as much or as little as they wanted. In Phuket, we all took a day trip and rented a private boat to go to the Phi Phi islands. Definitely an unforgettable experience just jumping off the boat and taking a swim in the beautiful waters. Every island that we visited was gorgeous with beautiful weather. Each evening, we all would be able to get together for a group dinner. Miles was our tour leader for this trip, and he was simply great. Very engaging and friendly with every member of the group, and very accomodating when there were any issues. He really loves what he does, and it shows. I traveled alone, and met some great guys whom I've still kept in touch with. Had not joined any gay travel groups previously, but I would highly recommend Detours. It lives up to the hype, for sure!

J.J. H. - USA

February 14, 2015

From the moment I first emailed Detours with some basic questions till the end of my trip (and even after) it has been an awesome experience. The group size was large enough to offer diversity, but small enough to be intimate and personal. The sights and activities were a blast and plentiful, our guide Dan was amazing, and my experience could not have been better. Already deciding which trip with Detours will be my next...Thanks Miles, Dan and Detours! Looking forward to round two....and three...