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Detours is a laid-back, no-strings-attached approach to gay group travel that feels more like exploring the world with old friends than anything else. Our less-restricting itineraries mean spontaneous, fun-filled opportunities to capture the best of what every spot along the way has to offer.

Why Detours

Smaller Group Sizes

Maximum 15 people - keeps things intimate and low impact

Guaranteed Departures

Over 50 trips each year - and they're all guaranteed departures

Structured Spontaneity

Flexible itineraries leave plenty of room for unique experiences

Our Trips

We offer trips to many amazing destinations.

12 Days in Thailand

Starting at $2,680 USD

12 Days in Costa Rica

Starting at $2,480 USD

12 Days in Greece

Starting at $2,780 USD

12 Days in Peru

Starting at $2,860 USD

8 Days in Peru

Starting at $2,490 USD

12 Days in Spain

Starting at $2,590 USD

12 Days in South Africa

Starting at $3,170 USD

12 Days in New Zealand

Starting at $3,080 USD

8 Days in Israel

Starting at $2,490 USD

12 Days in Croatia

Starting at $2,790 USD

11 Days in Israel & Jordan

Starting at $3,190 USD


Our travelers love us, and you will too.

Pieter E. - South Africa

January 21, 2013

Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant! This was truly an exceptional experience. You are literally bathed in the sights and sounds and smells of Thailand: from the madness of Bangkok to the tranquility of Phi Phi and Angthong. Words cannot really describe the visual splendour you are confronted with! Thank you Miles for making this trip run so smoothly. And for making my birthday so memorable. I highly recommend Detours Gay Adventure Travel to everybody! Pieter.

Andrew H. - USA

June 29, 2014

I recently went to Greece, my second trip with Detours and once again I had an AMAZING time! I really enjoyed the islands, each had it’s own charm and personality. I loved Milos for its serenity and found driving a dune buggy to be thrilling. Santorini had some exciting hikes and stunning views of the sunset.  But Mykonos was my favorite island because of its crisp, blue waters and hot men. Yet what really made this trip so special was the group of friends I made. And I can’t thank Miles enough for being such an outstanding tour guide and friend. I’m already planning my third trip with Detours!

Jesus Y. - USA

July 24, 2013

Traveling to the other side of the world and meeting up with people you've never met can be a nerve wrecking experience. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I wished for breath taking views and adventure that would be unforgettable. Detours travel offered something for everyone. One never knows who you are gonna travel with. You have those that are waiting to put their feet up enjoy a cocktail and a relaxing massage on a sandy white beach. Then you have those of us who want to get lost in the jungle and explore. Our guide at Detours made sure we got the best of what we were seeking. So whether you're a tourist, traveler or adventurer I am sure the powers that be at Detours will find a way to make your stay in Thailand one not to forget...

Rob R. - USA

June 4, 2016

I just finished the tour of Greece and had a great experience.

I LOVE the tour format, with groups no larger than 15. I was traveling with a friend but would be comfortable traveling alone. There is just the right amount of structure, but plenty of room to improvise and do your own thing. You can opt in or out.

Our tour leader, Dan, was fantastic. Dan was a good communicator, was helpful, and accessible all the time. And a good problem solver - for example, when we were on Mykonos about to board a bus to return to the hotel from the beach, the public bus was too full to take everyone and before we knew it Dan had lined up a plan "B" and had arranged alternate transportation.

I thought this tour to Greece was paced well - it began and ended in Athens (guided walking tour ended with a visit to the Acropolis - i recommend visiting the Acropolis museum). Milos was laid back, with time to explore (loved the Kayaking). Santorini had amazing scenery and a memorable boat ride at sunset. Then Mykonos was about the beaches, bars and partying! (plus a half day guided tour of Delos was great)

I highly recommend Detours for the experience they provide at a great value.

Jose M. - USA

July 19, 2014

I signed up for this trip on a whim after discovering Detours on the internet, reading the reviews and talking through with Miles, the Adventure Director. What attracted me was a small group of like-minded gay guys (mostly solo travelers) going on a travel adventure. After finishing the 12 day Costa Rica tour, I was not disappointed. There were multiple activities you can sign up for. Many in our group chose the zip lining, white water rafting, canyoneering/waterfall rappelling. And there were several hikes through the rain forests so we can get up close and personal with the wildlife. With the lush and picturesque rain forests as backdrops, you can’t get any better than that. Our July trip was during the wet season…humid in some areas? Yes, but weather was never an issue for us. Lots of beach, pool, and hot tub time! And not to mention the unexpected bonuses of hot springs, a coffee plantation and others you can only appreciate by being there in person. Accommodations at our 4 locations were great but my favorite was the Private Villa (with the private chef) and the individual shacks at the Arenal Volcano area. Most importantly were the people in our group. I can’t say enough about how wonderful it was to have traveled with such an awesome group of 12 guys to share the experience. Big kudos to our fearless “G”lobal “A”dventurer “L”eader, Dan for guiding us along the way. For any future travelers traveling with Dan, he just simply rocks! As this was his first solo-lead trip, he did such a fantastic job! Not only was he soooooo patient with all of us, he was so authentic in wanting everyone to have a great time. I can go on and on, but there are just too many good memories to share. The best advice I have if you’re waiting to pull the trigger is to just go for it. You can make this trip as adventurous or as relaxing as you want. No pressure! And I guarantee you will have a great time. So, If anyone is inspired to sign up for a Detours adventure tour after reading this, then Bravo!!!..You made the right decision. I wish this company all the success in the world and I hope it continues to expand to serve more gay solo adventurer travelers out there. Pura Vida!

Mychal M. - USA

January 20, 2013

This was the highlight of my life, it was so much better than I could have ever dreamed a trip could be. The most beautiful group of incredible men we felt like family from day 1. Miles , aside from being a tour guide was so attentive and helpful ,I felt more like a brother than a client. It scares me to think all I would have missed had I gone with any other tour company. Miles really goes above and beyond and I wouldn't hesitate for a moment to follow him around the world! Can't wait to go on another adventure with him next year.

Gavin & John - Australia

March 19, 2018

Africa had eluded us for sometime, until we learnt about the Detours itinerary to South Africa which included Cape Town, the Winelands and Kruger National Park. The fact that Detours is a gay company was all the better and this would be their fifth time in South Africa since starting their tours there in early 2017.  There were fifteen men in the group, the max for a Detours’ adventure and this included a majority from the USA, a few from Canada and ourselves from Australia.  We soon learnt from fellow traveller Stanley, a veteran Detour devotee who had completed all the available itineraries, this travel package came ‘with options’ which we discovered was one of its best features. If we wanted to participate in planned activities like day excursions, dinner each evening and visits to bars, all well and good.  However, if we wanted to do something different, Dan offered his help by suggesting, researching and planning an alternative activity so we all achieved maximum enjoyment. Or we could opt to do nothing at all and relax in the comfort of the hotel.  Would we do another Detours adventure? Absolutely! We’re already planning our next destination.

Don B. - USA

May 13, 2014

This was my second trip with Detours, and I have to say, the company did not disappoint. The flexibility of the itinerary was what I like most from the trip. The guide gave us an excellent introduction of the southern part of the country, as well as able to do optional activities all together. The accommodations, transportation in between and recommendations about meals were excellent. I might visit the country again in the near future just because of how it was introduced to me. Just like my first trip with Detours, the best thing that I could bring back home were the people I made friends with during the trip, and of course the great new friends that was on my trip, which for sure I will be getting in touch with. I can't say much more how great this trip was, I can only say that a third trip with Detours is definitely coming soon. Kudos to you Miles, another great job well done. Don (USA)

Geb H. - Canada

October 23, 2014

I was a part of the Greece tour from September 7-18, 2014, and it was my second tour with Detours. Yet again, this tour exceeded my expectations of what travel should be. The structured spontaneity concept that Detours has created for it’s tours makes every one unique for each individual or couple, while still having and experiencing great group activities. This tour covers everything from the ancient history of the Acropolis and Athens, to the laid back island life of Milos, the romance and scenery of Santorini and of course the active beach culture and nightlife of Mykonos! There was never a dull moment on any part of the tour. All transfers between islands and mainland went smoothly. Restaurants were plentiful with great food, excellent quality and no shortage on portion sizes! Accommodations were clean, comfortable and easy access to where you want to go! Thank you again to Detours for yet another memorable vacation, I will be back for a 3rd, 4th and more! I also wouldn’t even hesitate to take the same tours for a second time, as every group would create a different and memorable experience!

Brooks B. - USA

February 26, 2017

Another amazing adventure with Detours! I just got home from an incredible trip to South Africa and cannot say enough about the trip. I am so happy that I have had the pleasure of traveling with Dan Clarke and Miles Mitchinson on two different trips and they have become great friends! If you are thinking of booking a trip with Detours, the only advice I can give is DO IT NOW! I have traveled with them to Costa Rica, Peru and South Africa and I am already plotting my next adventure. I am a big fan of Detours and cannot say enough about them. Thanks so much Miles and Dan for the amazing experience!