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Health & Safety

Behind all the fun, we take our travelers health and safety very seriously.  We're constantly monitoring local situations with the assistance of our large network of local partners and friends in addition to official government information sources.  We also work with our local partners in every destination to ensure we've done what we can to provide you a safe and enjoyable experience, but it's also important to prepare yourself before you head out too.  To get past all the dramatic headlines and rumors, we feel the best sources of information for travelers are provided by your own government's travel advice websites.  Check out the following helpful links:

Whether you're in Paris, Pittsburgh, Phnom Penh, or some lovely place in between, there are some general tips that you should consider when traveling anywhere:

  • Don't flash wealth - Be discreet with cash and valuables.
  • Leave unnecessary valuables behind - No need to bring all of your most prized possessions every time you leave the hotel room.
  • Transport safely - Road rules/safety differ greatly around the world. Always wear a seatbelt and use reputable operators.
  • Keep emergency contacts handy - If you find yourself without your phone, make sure you know your way back to the hotel and how to contact someone.
  • Get comprehensive travel insurance - You never know when you may need a travel insurance policy with more beefed-up coverage.
  • Learn common local scams - You're bound to meet friendly locals, but it's smart to know how to spot a local scam.
  • Blend in - The less you scream "tourist" the less you'll be a target for potential theives and scammers.
  • Travel in numbers - Especially at night, join your fellow group members when exploring rather than hitting the streets solo.

But what if a serious situation occurs in one of our destinations?  We make our travel decisions based on the advice of the above governmental sources as well as our local partners and friends.  We're committed to making decisions that keep our travelers safe whether it requires a cancellation prior to departure, or repatriation during a trip.  We'll take this as another opportunity to mention comprehensive travel insurance if you're concerned that the destination you're visiting may for some reason become unsafe to travel to.  As local events and safety are always changing over time, we encourage you to contact us (or refer to above governmental sources) if you have a current concern, and be aware of the booking conditions that relate to your travel with us.