Meet Our Trip Leaders: Dan!

Those who know me best will attest that I revel in unconventional exploration and taking the wilder roads less travelled.

As a zoologist with a nomadic spirit and drive for adventure, I have spent the last ten years cultivating as many unique experiences as possible travelling and experiencing the natural world. Now with my dream job as a Global Adventure Leader with Detours I can merge my passions and finally retire my decade long quest to permanently avoid the reality of a 9-5 job!

My first dabble into guiding took me to Australia back in 2008 where I rose to the charming title of ‘Safari Tour Guide’ at a local Zoo working closely with giraffes and rhinos. My thrill and gusto for interpretive delivery and guiding only grew when I entered into adventure tourism - leading expeditions down Australia's Great Ocean Road.

I have been incredibly fortunate to witness some of the most stunning places on Earth; from the luscious jungles of Central America, to the vast outback of Australia, from the rugged coastline of North America's Pacific Northwest and to the cultural epicenter of enigmatic Japan. Each country has seen me wear a different hat too. Whether acting as an environmental educator, a bio field researcher, an emergency first responder or as an expedition leader I always search for the beauty, mystery and adventure in anything I dive into. It is only in the last year that I have recently nestled into my now “permanent” habitat in beautiful Vancouver, Canada.

As an openly gay world traveller I am always eager to learn from and engage with LGBT culture in whatever region of the world I end up wandering into. I feel overwhelmingly privileged to build connections with different members of our international gay community. As a tour leader I find my greatest joy when I witness the thrill of discovery shared between my guests.

I look forward to taking my next adventure with you!  Get in touch with me any time at