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Meet Our Team: Oliver!

Hey there, I'm Ollie - a travel enthusiast with a heart full of wanderlust. My love for exploration began at a young age, inspired by my grandparents' worldly travels and my uncle's life in Australia. When I was gifted my first globe, I knew I had to see and experience it all. I'm drawn to the thrill of adventure and spontaneity, seeking out hidden gems and connecting with locals along the way.

Growing up on a farm in England provided me with an idyllic childhood. The vast expanse of land and the freedom it offered were instrumental in shaping my independence and inquisitive nature. My fondest memories were of helping my dad harvest crops during the summer, and these experiences continue to inspire me to this day.

Following my high school graduation, I took a leap of faith and headed to London to complete my studies at a professional dance college. With my passion for dance and theatre, I was over the moon to land a job on cruise ships that sailed the world. Not only was I able to travel and explore diverse cultures, but I was also being paid for it. This incredible experience taught me valuable lessons about the kindness of people worldwide, and it's something that still resonates with me.

Despite the excitement and adventure of life onboard, I eventually realized that I was yearning for something different. So, I decided to settle down in Vancouver, Canada, where I have happily lived for the last 7 years. Here, I found a new career path in the costume department for film and television, working with major networks such as Netflix, Disney, and CBS. However, I discovered that behind all the glamour and creativity, it could be somewhat draining. So, I began to re-evaluate what brings me genuine happiness, and I realized that connecting with people and traveling are what truly makes my heart sing.

Joining Detours has allowed me to combine my passion for travel with my desire to help others create unforgettable experiences. I am thrilled to be part of a company that shares my values and vision for sustainable travel. My ultimate goal is to inspire others to explore the world with an open mind, curiosity, and a commitment to making a positive impact. Let's go on an adventure together!