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Meet Our Team: Thaddeus

Hi, I'm Thaddeus, a Montreal-born anglophone and chronic Torontonian. I like telling stories and helping others do the same. When I'm not traipsing around town by bike or writing til 5am, I work in independent film as an Assistant Director. Despite the title, I am in fact tasked with keeping everything on time and (lovingly) bossing everyone around so that the director gets what they need. I've likened it to steering an iceberg from the top (while 90% of it is unseen underwater), and I'm pretty proud of that metaphor.

When it comes to travel, I have a videogame-like compulsion to "defog the map", which involves a lot of exploring, wandering and a touch of meandering. I love tracing and retracing my steps, bringing back tales and tips for whoever asks - which is actually quite a few people as I seem to get asked directions no matter where I go.

I firmly believe that no one person can know everything about a place; I've been a traveler in my own hometown, found cozy routines in over a dozen others, and after three decades, I'm still finding new corners of the world to draw stories from. It's humbling to not know everything, and thrilling to keep curious. I'm excited to be a part of the Detours team of leaders and I hope whatever Cliff's Notes I accrue on my way will help you on yours!