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Memorable Detours experiences - Part I

  • Aug 11, 2020

Travel is full of unforgettable moments. From the moments that catch you by surprise, to the ones you've been dreaming about your whole life, and everything in between.

One of the best ways to relive those moments is by sharing them with others. We recently reached out to our guests who have traveled with us in the past and asked them to share their most memorable experience from a Detours trip, and featured here in our limited blog series is what they had to say. 


Gary R. from Washington, DC.  (Detours trips taken - 1)
In Grenada our trip leader Dan took us on a long trek one very warm afternoon where he promised us great views of the Alhambra. I was skeptical because we started along the banks of the Darro River, which was far below the fortified Alhambra complex. While winding our way up the streets of the San Pedro neighborhood I spotted a clearing between the trees and houses ahead. I approached wearily. Dan was wrong. The vista was not great - it was spectacular! The late afternoon sun turned the Alhambra walls and buildings a glorious burnt orange. I was awestruck. I snapped away with my new camera, determined to capture this magnificent site in all its glory. After patiently waiting fifteen minutes or more Dan convinced me we needed to keep hiking up the hillside neighborhood as the views higher up would prove even more amazing. He was right. The higher we went the more we could see. At that moment I told him I would never question his guidance again—I would follow him anywhere (Spain, 2018)


Casey B. from Seattle, WA.  (Detours trips taken - 3)
I loved the nightly hippo visits at Hippo Hollow resort near Kruger Park in South Africa. It was so fun to watch them grazing that up close! I also love the guides and the stress-free travel experience with Detours. You never have to feel like you're on a never-ending, nonstop itinerary. You can decide what you want to do at each destination without feeling pressure to keep in a large group on a grueling schedule. You can do exactly what you want and experience each location on your own terms and not the tour company's terms. (South Africa, 2017)


Michael S.   from Dallas, TX.  (Detours trips taken - 4)
On our second adventure with Detours, I proposed to my husband in Santorini, Greece, on a cliff side overlooking the Aegean Sea on June 8th, 2018. It was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. Miles and our trip leader Dan helped plan my proposal long before we even departed for Greece. When we returned to our room that evening, Dan had left a bottle of champagne and a beautiful congratulatory note on our bed. He also had our room upgraded at our next stop in Mykonos. Detours Travel made this momentrous trip EXTRAORDINARY! A day does not go by that this Detours trip crosses my mind. (Greece, 2018)


Bennet E.   from Washington, DC.  (Detours trips taken - 2)
I first visited Israel when I was 17 years old. Birth right trip. When I visited the Wailing Wall aka Western Wall in Jerusalem, I told God I would be back one day. Well, 42 years later I made it back. And at that wall, after my prayers and what I hoped for, weeping a bit, I said to God... I told you I'd be back.. a very meaning personal experience for me. (Israel & Jordan, 2019)