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5 Amazing Activities to Do in New Zealand

  • Brandon Folkes
  • Oct 6, 2022

New Zealand is a land of natural wonder, from its jaw-dropping scenic landscapes to it’s long list of adrenaline pumping activities, it’s not hard to find things to see and do in this gem down under.


While the name sounds like something out of a sci-fi novel, this is one of the most unique activities to do in New Zealand. Invented in Rotorua, this activity involves jumping into a giant inflatable ball and rolling down a hill through a series of twisting and winding tracks. Each ball is filled with just enough water to get you slipping and sliding inside as you tumble your way down. Be sure to come prepared with a bathing suit and towel and ready to laugh yourself uncontrollably.

White Water Rafting Down Kaituna River

If water and adventure is on the menu and you want to get your blood pumping, one you can count on doing just that is white water rafting down the Kaituna River! Grab your oar, life vest, and hop on your raft as you make your way through steep winding canyons, 14 class 5 rapids, and down the largest commercially rafted waterfall in the world! This might not require any previous experience to do, but it will have you on one of the wettest and wildest rollercoater rides you have probably ever been on!

Visit Hobbiton

Unless you have been living under a rock for over the past 20 years, then you have either watched or know about a little-known film called ‘Lord of the Rings’. Well, this masterpiece of cinematic film was filmed all over beautiful New Zealand with its most famous set right near Rotorua – Hobbiton! Built as the home for the Hobbits, this movie set still exists to this day and can be visited openly to explore the various homes of all your favorite and beloved characters.


If ground and water-based activities just don’t do it for you, then why not head up high into the sky! Nothing will give you the ultimate rush like rolling and pitching through the air as you paraglide down from the top of a mountain. One of the best paragliding experiences happens near Queenstown as you take off near Bob’s Peak and soar your way down through the Lake Wakatipu area. This is an adrenaline junkies dream, so if you are ready for the rush, this might be the experience for you.

Fly and Cruise Around Milford Sound

Probably one of the most iconic places in New Zealand, Milford Sound is a nature lovers dream. From it’s high mountainous peaks, cascading waterfalls, and the vast reach of its deep waters, there is so much to explore. Hop in a single engine plane and see this majestic landscape from high above the alps, before heading down and taking a cruise through the deep vast waters. It will be a day you won’t forget.