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Detours Gay Tours Blog

Top Travel Prep Tips To Get You Started: Part 2

  • Brandon Folkes
  • Aug 4, 2022

Our second round of tips are here! Here are some further tips to help you get ready for your adventure ahead of you. It's always good to be ready for anything, and to make your trip seemless and as easy as possible.

6. Know what the weather will be like in your destination

Knowing what kind of clothes and items you will need to pack for your adventure is key. If it’s going to be hot and sunny, you know not to pack that big wool sweater that will take up lots of space and instead, bring that bottle of sunscreen with you. It will also help in deciding what kind of activities you might want to do in your destination. It’s always smart to be aware of the type of climate and weather and prepare for your trip accordingly.

Weather and packing advice provided in our 10-day trip emails.

7. Pre-arrange your airport pick ups

This will save you an incredible amount of time and frustration when arriving at your destination after a long flight and left with figuring out how to get to your hotel. If you pre-book your airport transfers, you won’t have to take that long packed train ride into the city or wait in queue for a taxi for an unknown period of time. Organize your transfer in advance to create a seamless and easy journey to your hotel to get that much needed rest.

Links to book your own airport transfers provided in our 10 day trip emails.

8. Let your bank and credit card companies know about your travels

Nothing will be more anxiety inducing then trying to pay for a meal with your card and getting denied because your bank has flagged your card for being used in a faraway land. It’s always helpful to let your bank or credit companies know about all your travels so you won’t have any issues with your cards being blocked or rendered unusable on any of your journeys.

9. Take out some local currency before your trip begins

Along with letting your banks know about your travels, it’s always smart to have some of the local currency on hand in case you may need to use some when credit is not available. Some countries, more than others, rely more heavily on cash transactions, and you don’t want to be stuck unable to pay for something because you don’t have the cash on hand. Make sure to go to your bank or respectable currency exchange business and take out some your destinations currency before your trip. You will also have opportunities to take out cash on your trip, but lots of destinations (especially touristic ones) will have high fees and harsh exchange rates. We always recommend coming with some in advance.

Advice for how much cash to bring for each of our destinations is shown on each of our individual trip pages.

10. Come with an open mind and ready for adventure

After all is said and done, the number one best thing you can do to prepare for your trip is to come with a sense of adventure and an open mind to absorbing in new experiences and cultures. To truly enjoy your trip and feel ready, is to hop on your plane ready for everything that’s to come. It may not be all rainbows and glitter the entire trip, but know that it’s all a part of the journey and an essential part of the travel experience. If you can do that, you will be ready to make whatever trip you go on, a trip of a lifetime.