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Thanks For A Great 2015!

As the end of the year quickly approaches, I’ve been thinking back over our very special and busy 2015 year with lots of amazing people.  Dan, James, Shane and I were very fortunate to be given the incredible opportunity to meet and get to know many very interesting travelers this year and I want to personally thank you for allowing us this opportunity.
When I think about all the experiences we’ve shared with all of our travelers, it’s hard to believe this week marks only the 3rd anniversary of our very first Detours trip. The growth of our small business couldn’t have been possible without your support, so whether 2015 marked your first experience with us, or your second (or third or fourth for some of you!) I genuinely hope that this year’s travel experience with us stands out as a highlight in your year.
As we look ahead to our coming new year of trips in five countries (soon to be six!), I want to restate our commitment to you of providing the highest level of service and value to you, both as your trip leaders and as your friends.
And last but certainly not least, a very happy and healthy 2016 to all of you from all of us!  Keep in touch.
-Miles Mitchinson, Detours Co-founder and Adventure Director

A New Member Of Our Detours Family

Quite understandably, we receive a lot of interest in becoming a Detours trip leader – or GAL (Global Adventure Leader) as we affectionately call them.  And with the job description it’s easy to understand why!  Who wouldn’t want to be flown to exotic countries tasked with the job of making sure a bunch of guys from around the world have an amazing trip together in paradise?!  Make a bunch of new friends, show them your favorite local sites, introduce them to your local friends, find the best restaurants, the best views, and the little things that’ll put those long lasting smiles on everyone’s faces.  It’s understandable why there is so much passion that comes with this job!

It’s a desirable job, and one that we hire for relatively rarely.  We painstakingly search for the perfect people who are the jack-of-all-trades and the type of people who our Detours travelers will come to call close friends, not just at the end of their trip together, but within minute of meeting.  The type of people who can be a genuine friend to all, a photographer, a storyteller, a problem-solver, an eternal optimist, a passionate explorer, a trusted guide, and a dependable maestro of a diverse group of people in a foreign land.  While it is a desirable position for many people, it takes a very special person to effectively navigate all of these points.

This is why this week’s announcement of a new trip leader joining our Detours family is a big deal!  We are very excited to welcome James to our family and are already completely confident that he will continue providing our travelers with the high level of service that they have come to expect from our family.

James’ recent story is one that some people will no doubt envy.  While it took guts to leave his corporate job in Toronto, and set off following a dream and a passion through South America, he’ll tell you it is one of the best decisions of his life.  He is a true traveler at heart and is genuinely excited by the people and places he has the opportunity to experience on the road.

He joins Dan who has been leading trips with Detours since early 2014 and quickly made lifelong friends with many of our travelers during his trips in Greece, Costa Rica, and Peru.  Dan has proven to be “that guy” that will backflip off a boat, get giddy when pointing out penguins (he’s a zoologist too), and introduce you to the many local people he meets along his travels.

And last but certainly not least, Shane is our Thailand guy with the infectious smile that never quits, and the determination to make sure nobody runs out of whatever they need to keep them having a blast!  He’s a true adventurer and the type of guy that craves being outdoors surrounded by people, or his little beagle if he’s adventuring close to home.

Whether your upcoming trip is being led by James, Dan, Shane (or me!), all of our trip leaders have that true essence of all that we, and our travelers, look for in a trip leader.  If you’ve met them already you already know what I mean, and if you have yet to be on an adventure, you’ll soon find out.  Learn more about our team here.