Getting Our Green On

It’s an uncomfortable truth. Travel, the very thing that is helping to educate, advance civilizations, and bring the world together, is also a force in harming it with landfill waste, greenhouse gas emissions, and over-development. It got us thinking about how we as an international tour operator can counteract the impact of our travels on the places that we love so much. Recently we decided to take action on some projects that we feel will assist in relieving the pressure of tourism on our gorgeous green earth.
Thailand 01

Consider a 15-person DETOURS trip in one of our several destinations with undrinkable tap water. Each person will inevitably purchase at least 3 bottles of drinking water per day. Factor that into a 12 day trip and the surprising truth is that each group will power through 540 plastic bottles of water per trip! From now on, all DETOURS travelers will receive a stainless steel, recyclable, BPA-free (and stylish-we think!) bottle, and every group will be equipped with a state-of-the-art SteriPEN which is scientifically proven to make any bottle of water drinkable in 48 seconds. This eliminates the need for any plastic bottles on our trips and we forecast over 5000 plastic bottles saved from landfills in the next 12 months alone.

COSTA - Toucan

Trees are nature’s air purifiers, sucking harmful greenhouse gas emissions out of the air. More trees equals cleaner air, and we like the sound of that! That’s why, through Community Forests International, we now fund the planting of a new tree for every DETOURS traveler. We’ll keep the DETOURS forests in Canada and Africa growing with each trip registration on any of our trips.

We like to think we’ve always run quite a “green” office up here in Canada and we’re continuing that trend in as many aspects of our office as possible. We’ve done away with the need to print out any papers to join a DETOURS trip. Digitally sign your trip’s legal documents online, and flip through our trip brochure online… no paper, no waste. Our physical office in Canada not only regularly recycles the small amount of paper and plastic we see, but we even compost our lunch leftovers!