Thanks For A Great 2015!

As the end of the year quickly approaches, I’ve been thinking back over our very special and busy 2015 year with lots of amazing people.  Dan, James, Shane and I were very fortunate to be given the incredible opportunity to meet and get to know many very interesting travelers this year and I want to personally thank you for allowing us this opportunity.
When I think about all the experiences we’ve shared with all of our travelers, it’s hard to believe this week marks only the 3rd anniversary of our very first Detours trip. The growth of our small business couldn’t have been possible without your support, so whether 2015 marked your first experience with us, or your second (or third or fourth for some of you!) I genuinely hope that this year’s travel experience with us stands out as a highlight in your year.
As we look ahead to our coming new year of trips in five countries (soon to be six!), I want to restate our commitment to you of providing the highest level of service and value to you, both as your trip leaders and as your friends.
And last but certainly not least, a very happy and healthy 2016 to all of you from all of us!  Keep in touch.
-Miles Mitchinson, Detours Co-founder and Adventure Director

What Kind of Group Can I Expect?

When we started Detours back in 2012, we had no idea just how many incredible, diverse people we would meet and befriend in our groups.  It’s always fascinating to gather a bunch of guys, mostly strangers, from all over the world, and travel with them for a couple weeks in an exotic country.  It’s got to be one of my favorite parts of what we get to do during our trips, especially the first day when everyone gathers for the first time.

It’s actually impossible to accurately describe who travels on our trips.  A police officer from South Carolina, a married couple from South Africa, a full-time church organist from Delaware, a student from Argentina, a honeymooning couple from Brazil, a casting director from New York City, a chicken farmer from rural Ontario, an elementary school teacher from Toronto, a lawyer from Oregon… and the list goes on.  What we do find is that just over half of guys who travel with us are solo travelers, while just under half are coming with a friend or a partner.  Whatever the case, it’s a unique opportunity to spend quality time with a diverse group of people while creating a bond that can only come from experiencing a couple weeks in a completely new place together.


We really enjoy hearing about members of our groups continuing their new friendships well beyond the end of their trips despite the distance that often separates their homes.  Many people end up flying to visit each other in their homes to keep the friendship going, or we often have big groups join onto another Detours trip each year together so that they can keep experiencing amazing new places all together!

If you have traveled with us in the past you know what it’s like, and if you’re a Detours newbie, we’re excited for you to experience our groups yourselves!  Check out over 100 trip reviews from our travelers on our Trip Reviews page to get an idea of what a Detours trip is all about.