5 DETOURS Travel Secrets


newWith hundreds of thousands of airline miles flown collectively each year, our little DETOURS family here has seen and experienced it all.  While everything almost always works out perfectly, here are a few of our secrets to help keep it that way:


Whether you’re flying coach, business, or three feet behind the pilot, who you fly with can make the difference between a cold bun in a bag for breakfast, or a vast array of fruits, sweets, and tasty power foods.  We’ve flown with almost any airline you can imagine and landed both starving and cranky, or skipping out of the plane with delight.  Our best advice if you’re wondering what’s going to get you skipping?  Check SKYTRAX website, which hosts thousands of reviews and categorizes every airline in the world on a 1-star to 5-star scale.  Or you can always ask us for advice.  We love to chat.


Everyone’s always looking for the secret “jet lag cure”.  Well, in our experience, there’s no secret, just some smart ways to ease it.  Some will suggest drinking lots of water, trying to adjust your sleep pattern before departing, or surrounding yourself with as much natural lighting as possible, but we’ve got one of our own.  Melatonin is an over-the-counter (in most countries) pill which we limit ourselves to using only on the first night of arriving to a far-off land to “jump start” our new sleep pattern.


The vast majority of flights you take are going to land in the destination on the right day with your bags.  However, every once in a while things don’t work out as planned and you arrive to a foreign land with no clothes.  We’ve learned to turn this from a bad thing to an amazing thing just by learning the rights of a passenger.  Airline staff tend to divulge as little info as possible, but many airlines are bound by rules that allow you to go straight to the shopping mall from the airport if your bag doesn’t show up!  Our advice if you don’t want to study the entire federal laws… ask the airline staff for a printout of the “rights of a passenger” – many airlines legally need to have this available for you.  Can you say SHOPPING SPREE!  Just make sure to keep your receipts.


This isn’t just a good idea for the possibility of an airplane with no power outlets… it’s a great idea for those hotel rooms that sometimes have outlets full of tv and light cords, or for travel days, and definitely for those who forget to bring an outlet adapter and arrive to find two little circles in the wall!  This comes in especially handy after using your cell phone as a camera all day, sucking the life out of the battery by the time lunch comes.


It’s universal.  It’ll make you friends in far-away lands.  It’s calming.  And no matter what situation comes up during your travels, grin and remember it’ll all make for good stories later.  Remember, your DETOURS trip leader is there to tackle any issue that may arise anyway so go grab a Mai Tai at the pool and he’ll sort everything out!