Never Been on a Group Tour?

We’ve always been uncomfortable using the term “group tour” to describe our trips.  Those two words conjure images in our mind of 50 people being herded onto a big bus by a clipboard-wielding tour guide, before driving to yet another gem museum or group quilt-making class.  There are people who enjoy this type of travel and that’s fantastic – but we’re not them!  When we started Detours we figured there must be other travelers who just want to get a good group together and experience some of the world’s best places together.  Travelers who happen to not only be gay, but also share a desire to meet great new people in a fun and open environment, and experience some unforgettable memories.

It’s coming up four years since Detours launched with just one destination and a hope that there were other travelers just like us out there.  With our 6th and 7th destinations scheduled to be announced before our launch anniversary comes in July, and with hundreds of travelers finishing their trips grinning from ear to ear, it’s safe to say that there are travelers just like us.  Our next three trips coming up next month are all sold out, almost entirely by guys who had never been on a group tour, but are now embarking on their 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and even 5th group trip with us!

If you’ve never been on a “group tour” before, just know two things… that you’re not alone, and we’re confident it won’t be your last!  Get in touch with us if you’d like to chat more about our trips or if we can connect you with any of our past travelers.