5 Natural Traits of an Amazing Trip Leader

trip leadersAnyone who’s been on a group trip before will know the importance of having their trip led by an amazing trip leader, and we confidently claim to have the best out there!  Dan, James, and Shane aren’t simply “employees” of our “company”, they are members of our family here, great friends, and an incredibly integral part of the success of DETOURS.  But what makes a trip leader stand out as “amazing”?  We’ve gathered some feedback from our past guests about our trip leaders and have compiled a list of the 5 most important traits of an amazing trip leader:

  1. FRIEND – Our travelers join us from all different corners of the world with all different personalities, backgrounds, comfort levels, and interests.  An amazing trip leader must be that person that can immediately make all of these differences feel comfortable in a new place, establish trust, and form the incredibly important foundation for the group’s social cohesion.   It’s not something that can be taught, it’s a natural trait that still wow’s us and ensures our groups have that atmosphere of comfort, knowing that they’ve got a friend they can trust right off the bat.
  2. FLEXIBILITY – Some guys like to stay up late into the night soaking up every last moment, while some guys are early risers who get every moment of sunlight they can.  Some days everything goes to plan, while some days a plane is cancelled or a bus breaks down.  Some guys lovehistory and museums, while some guys love adrenaline.  Our trip leaders never know what to expect on day 1 of each trip, but they are fantastically natural at adapting and being flexible to ensure that every day is amazing for everyone in our groups.
  3. PASSION – It’s clear that Dan, James, and Shane are all passionate about what they do.  James even #hashtags every photo with #bestjobever just to rub it into his friends at home!  Genuine passion is something that is infectious.  It’s impossible to not get excited about something upcoming when the guys are beaming with genuine excitement for what they’ve got in store for you!
  4. HUMOR – A great sense of humor is imperative!  Each one of our guys has a different personality of course, and that comes with unique types of humor and quirkiness.  If you’re on a trip with Dan, get him to talk about his infatuation with penguins.  With James, introduce him to a cute Latino.  Or with Shane, there’s something about beagles…  It doesn’t matter who is leading your trip, each one has a great sense of humor.
  5. RESPONSIBILITY – Through all of their fantastic social skills, it’s easy to forget that they’ve got a lot of responsibility hanging on their shoulders through a trip.  Coordinating with our transportation providers, hotels, local guides, planes, activity providers and ensuring everything flows smoothly may be a background task that group members won’t see, but it’s important to trust that they’ve got everything taken care of behind the scenes so that the only thing you’ve got to worry about is making incredible memories during your trip!

Anybody can explore beautiful countries around the world with a group of guys, but the difference between good and AMAZING is evident after spending your trip with Dan, James, or Shane.