8 Days in Israel

Cosmopolitan cafes lining beautiful white sand beaches, the giant golden dome of a local shrine rising over homes clad in Jerusalem stone, an oasis in the middle of a vast desert of sand... these 8 days in Israel bring us into the middle of a region of fascinating contradictions.  At any given time you may find yourself reading a newspaper while you float weightlessly in the Dead Sea, sprawled out under the sun at the gay beach full of locals, exploring one of countless world-class museums, or taking in the unique culture and traditions on display through the streets of this Middle Eastern region.  As gay travelers, this trip gives us the ability to take in the Middle East while enjoying the comfort of a relatively gay welcoming community.  We'll immerse ourselves into the thriving LGBT scene, hike around the clifftop fortress of Masada, cover ourselves in the nutrient-rich mud of the Dead Sea, explore the winding alleys of one of the most historically significant cities in the world among many more unforgettable experiences.

The relatively small size of the country means travel distances are very short, allowing us to maximize our time spent exploring, adventuring, and experiencing this complex and unique part of the world!  From the lowest point on Earth at the Dead Sea to the streets of Jerusalem overflowing with history to the white sand beaches of the Mediterranean Sea, your days here are sure to be unforgettable.  Ready to find out more about this 8-day experience in Israel? Check out the links to the left for a ton of info, then contact us if you've got any questions. 

$2490.00 USD includes all travel within the adventure, all taxes and all this stuff »
$2890.00 USD includes all travel within the adventure, all taxes and all this stuff »