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A Detour to Milos, Greece

  • Shane Bingham
  • Jul 16, 2020

The world is full of remarkable destinations for gay adventure travel. There are the timeless classics that
many of us hope to get to at some point in our lives, and also the ones that continue to inspire
generation after generation: the Acropolis, the Pyramids, Machu Picchu, Angkor Wat, etc.. And then
there are the hidden gems out there that few of us know about, and even fewer venture to.

These days it seems the demand is increasing for gay adventurers seeking to get off the beaten path,
take the road less traveled, and embrace a Detour (pun intended!). We’re in constant pursuit of
authentic experiences. We crave adventure in new and unfamiliar places, and we’re willing to explore
the unknown more than ever before.

One of these hidden gems is Milos, a Greek island that raises high above the clear blue Aegean Sea
within the Cyclades; a group of about 220 mostly uninhabitable volcanic islands. Milos has all the
charisma you’d expect from a Greek island, but without hordes of tourists, so it’s authentic Greece at its
best. It’s a place where the locals get to know your name, where the food is as fresh and flavourful as
you could ever imagine, where the beaches are quiet and you’re free to explore the vibrant villages at
your own pace.

From the moment you step off the ferry with a Detours group and onto this sun-drenched
Mediterranean island, you can feel your stress disappear. Just a short walk away, your ATV is waiting for
you, ready for you to take control of your own adventure around the island for the next few days.

With beautiful, quiet beaches, hidden coves, fishing villages with quaint cafés serving up the freshest
‘catch of the day’, and charming hillside towns covered with white-washed buildings; it’s all yours to
explore. For a moment you forget you’re in a country steeped in history, where western philosophy,
literature, mathematics, drama, the Olympic games, and democracy were all born. You take that in for a
moment and decide to spend the afternoon exploring the islands’ ancient past; ruins from a Roman
theatre believed to have been constructed in the Hellenistic period (320-31 BC), or catacombs said to be
older than the ones in Rome. Or maybe you start by visiting where the Venus di Milo statue is believed
to have once originally stood.

The dramatic Mediterranean sunset provides the perfect ending to a perfect day. You sit down with
friends to enjoy yet another delicious meal under the stars and begin to wonder where in the world your
next adventure should be, somewhere as captivating and inspiring as Milos perhaps? But in that
moment the owner of the restaurant comes and sits down next to you and asks about your day – it
takes a second before you’re back living in the moment, remembering how these types of authentic
experiences you can’t plan for, they happen when you least expect them, they are the reward for taking
the road less traveled, and they are the memories that never fade.