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Memorable Detours experiences - Part IV

  • Sep 4, 2020

Travel is full of unforgettable moments. From the moments that catch you by surprise, to the ones you've been dreaming about your whole life, and everything in between.

One of the best ways to relive those moments is by sharing them with others. We reached out to our guests who have traveled with us in the past and asked them to share their most memorable experience from a Detours trip, and featured here in our limited blog series is what they had to say.

Jonathan C. from Freeport, NY. (Detours trips taken - 1)
When we were all at the Dead Sea and mudded up as a group and took a float together it was a truly iconic travel moment. I loved being with an open and warm group of men truly enjoying life and each other’s company on the journey. A great moment to mention is one day in Israel our trip leader Miles was to meet us in the lobby for a tour of the market. Myself and my husband were the only ones who showed, we figured he would cancel but instead took us on a private tour. That is highly unusual. The point is that this business is built on a tremendous value for the client and the service provided. I truly feel a part of something as a Detours client and look forward to many years of traveling with them. (Photo: Israel & Jordan, 2018)

Tom R. from Cincinatti, OH(Detours trips taken - 2)
There are so many memorable experiences! The feeling of awe turning the corner at Petra and seeing the Treasury for the first time; the peacefulness and uniqueness of a mud bath and floating in the Dead Sea; the exhilaration of racing in the morning to get to Temple Mount in Jerusalem; basking in the whole history of old Jerusalem; the dynamism of the graffiti and street art in Florentin district of Tel Aviv; the sights of Tel Aviv boardwalk and the delight of the restaurant scene, swimming out to Devil's Pool and hanging over Victoria Falls in Zambia; the majesty of seeing wild elephants for the first time on safari in South Africa! What keeps me coming back to Detours is the small group sizes and well thought out itineraries, yet lots of built-in "free" time. Very important to me to have time to do my own thing and allow some spontaneity, rather than have every second of every day micromanaged. Outstanding tour leaders and management!! (Photo: Israel & Jordan, 2018)

Jim C. from Seattle, WA.  (Detours trips taken - 1)
I really enjoyed the wine tasting outside of Cape Town, and the wine tram. It was my introduction to South African wines, and I had no idea they were so delicious (and cheap!). I now search for Pinotage every time I go to a wine shop, and found my favorite brand (The Grinder) in Vancouver! I like traveling with Detours because of the destinations offered most importantly, but also the cost. I enjoy traveling with a group of fun gay guys, and the flexibility offered in the itinerary. I find the destinations and itinerary to be well thought out. (Photo: South Africa, 2017)


Derrick B. from Toronto, Canada. (Detours trips taken - 1)
Being on or in the water in Milos. Sea kayaking was an amazing athletic outing, especially being able to go to hidden places only accessible by water. The sailboat ride around Milos was equally as amazing. The scenery was spectacular, the water was perfect for swimming off of the boat, and a chance to explore the caves on the coast in the smaller boat (including getting to see bioluminescent plankton!). Based on my one experience so far, I felt that I got great value for the cost. Our guide (Dan) was AMAZING, the accommodations were very comfortable, the suggested activities were always worthwhile and my fellow travelers were a lot of fun. All contributed to memories I cherish. I look forward to when I can experience this feeling all over again! (Photo: Greece, 2018)


Jose M. from Montrose, CA.  (Detours trips taken - 7)
My most memorable experience on a Detours trip was the extension trip to Victoria Falls and participating in the gorge swing over the river. Not only exhilarating, but truly a Detours moment for me. What keeps me coming back are all the trip leaders and the unique experiences they provide on these trips. Anyone can go on vacation but to experience it with these guys...there’s no comparison! (Photo: Zambia, 2017)