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Gay Travel Guide: Jordan

  • Brandon Folkes
  • May 28, 2022

Fast Facts

Capital City – Amman, Jordan
Population of Jordan – 10.2 million (2020)
Official Language – Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic
Official Currency – Jordanian Dinar

Country Description

The Kingdom of Jordan is a place of wonder and discovery. This predominantly Muslim nation is situated at the doorsteps of the middle east as it shares a border with Israel, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and Iraq. Considered as the safest of all the middle eastern countries, it houses some of the most spectacular expansive landscapes, ancient monuments and even one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Petra.

The famous Wadi Rum Desert down in Southern Jordan stretches on for eternity through open sand dunes and rocky mountainous pillars. Famously used as a backdrop for some of the biggest films in history, this cinematic landscape is unlike anything seen on earth. You will find plenty of camel herders camped around this area and old cave dwellings that the famous Lawrence of Arabia used to reside in.

Petra, the sprawling ancient city carved out of the mountains and hills of the Wadi Musa stands as one of Jordan’s prized archeological sites. The world famous ‘Treasury’ in near perfect condition stands tall just as it has for more than a thousand years. See the various Byzantine and Roman additions to this once important international city, as the local Bedouin people show off their custom wares.

Jordan will have you leaving feeling humbled by its grandeur. From its friendly citizens to its rich and diverse history, you will always have much to explore in this beautiful desert nation.

Top 3 restaurants

  • Levant Restaurant – Amman – An upscale Armenian restaurant that delivers some of the best food in Amman.
  • Fakhreldin Restaurant – Amman – A Lebanese restaurant that features delicious kabobs as well as a variety of dishes. Amazing service and friendly atmosphere.
  • Brisket Amman– Amman – A delicious Jordanian burger house that serves fresh brisket and consistently considered the best in town.

Top 3 favorite bars

  •  Café de Paris – An atmospheric pub in the heart of Amman
  • Maestro – A rustic-chic bar in Amman with an eclectic menu of cocktails
  • Copas Central – A swank trendy bar in Amman with great music and drinks

Top 3 highlights

  • Exploring the ancient city of Petra
  • Riding camelback into the desert sunset 
  • 4X4ing around the Wadi Rum Desert


The best time to visit Jordan: We find the best time of the year to make your way over to this wonderful country is around March-May and September-November. Jordan can get quite hot and we find it tends to be the more temperate around then and less touristy. Especially when visiting Petra or going into the desert.

A Couple Books

  • Lawrence in Arabia by Scott Anderson
  • Married to a Bedouin by Marguerite van Galdermalsen

A Couple Movies

  • Theeb (Drama)
  • When I Saw You (Drama)

Unique local foods to try:

  • Maqluba (Meat, vegetables, and rice dish) 
  • Mansaf (lamb with fermented dried yogurt sauce)
  • Zaarb (Meat, chicken and vegetable slow cooked under the sand)