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Detours Gay Tours Blog

A Detours Guide to Our ‘Must Try’ Trip Activities: Part 1

  • Brandon Folkes
  • Aug 25, 2023

When it comes to travelling around the world one thing is for sure, there is so much to do on this beautiful blue planet that we call home. Even though we are always fans of sitting on a beach sipping a cocktail while taking in the sunshine... Adventure travel wouldn’t be adventure travel if there wasn’t a little more excitement involved! Let’s go through some of our groups' favorite activities to do on a Detours trip. 

Ziplining in the Jungle

11 Days in Costa Rica

(Optional activity during trip)

One of the best ways to experience the Costa Rican jungle is seeing it from high up in the tree tops! Zip, rappel and swing your way along the jungle canopy and get that big adrenaline fix while you speed from platform to platform. It's not just ziplining you will be in for, but if you are lucky you may even see some birds of paradise or sloths along the way!

Hot Air Ballooning in Egypt

10 Days in Egypt

(Optional activity during trip)

Egypt itself is a wonder to behold and our travelers love taking things to the next level and seeing it all from high up in the sky! Floating above these ancient lands you will see Egypt in a way you never thought possible and some of Egypt’s most iconic archaeological sites from a whole new perspective. You might need to conquer your fear of heights for this one, but if you can it’s worth it.

Safari in Kruger National Park

11 Days in South Africa

(Included activity during trip)

South Africa is known for its large wildlife, and particularily the big 5 (lion, leopard, black rhinoceros, African bush elephant, and African buffalo) and there is only one way to try and see them – go on a safari! From the back of a jeep, our groups love exploring the famous Kruger National Park and keeping their eyes peeled for these iconic African animals.

4X4ing through the Wadi Rum Desert

10 Days in Israel & Jordan

(Included activity during trip)

The UNESCO protected Wadi Rum Desert is an otherworldly and truly awe-inspiring place. Sitting on the back of a 4X4 pick up truck as you speed through the desert over sand dunes will have you feeling like you are in some epic adventure movie! There really is no better way to explore the vast beauty of this place than with the desert wind brushing against your face as you weave your way through some of its ancient rock formations.

Hiking in the Atlas Mountains

11 Days in Portugal & Morocco

(Included activity during trip)

While Marrakech may be known for its chaotic and energetic souks, a completely different Morocco lives high up in the Atlas Mountains. Amazigh villages scatter the beautiful cool mountain sides, and our groups love getting a hands-on sense of what life is like here as we hike through a couple of these places. We even stop at a local Amazigh home for a tea ceremony with some local snacks before we head back down.

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