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Detours Gay Travel Blog

A Detours Guide to Our 'Must Try' Trip Activities: Part 2

  • Brandon Folkes
  • Oct 12, 2023

A Detours trip wouldn't be complete without a little adventure... And our groups LOVE adventure. While we all like a little poolside relaxation or spa moment, it just feels good to do something a little more exciting and head out and explore a bit more. While we touched upon some activities our groups love in our 'Detours Guide to Our 'Must Try' Activities: Part 1',  let’s go through the final list of some of our groups' favorite activities to do on a Detours trip. 

Elephant Sanctuary in Phuket

13 Days in Thailand & Cambodia

(Included activty on our trip)

After many years of developing a negative reputation for their treatment of wild animals, Thailand is starting to turn things around with many former riding camps turning into ethically-operated homes for rescued, sick, and injured elephants. We'll visit one of these elephant sanctuaries which is home to many elephants in a protected natural habitat. Instead of riding elephants, you get to learn about the sanctuary and their residents, as well as feed and meet elephants living in a comfortable and protected environment. It truly is a humbling andbeautoful experience.

Chartered Boat Day in Milos

11 Days in Greece

(Optional activity on our trip)

Milos is one of the most beautiful islands in the Cyclades, and there is no better way to explore its beautiful shores than from our very own privately chartered boat! This full day activity takes you around the coastline of Milos seeing all the small colorful fishing villages, exploring the cave systems of Kleftiko and getting the chance to swim and snorkel in the emerald Mediterranean waters, all while fully catered with meals, snacks and drinks! This activity always ends up being a highlight of our groups time in Greece.

Wine Tasting in Chianti

8 Days in Italy

(Included activity on our trip)

When you stay in a castle on the hillsides of Chianti, you are surrounded by some of the most famous wine makers in the world. We travel deep into this region and taste wine from wineries that have been making wine for centuries! Nothing screams Tuscany like basking in the warm Tuscan sun as rolling vineyards cascade in front of you while sipping on a beautiful vintage red. Cin cin!

Zorbing in Rotorua

12 Days in New Zealand

(Optional activity on our trip)

Dive into a giant inflatable ball and roll your way down a selection of downhill tracks... What's NOT to love? Roll solo or with others… But of course it’s a lot more fun with others! Wear your swim trunks and bring a towel ad the inside is slick with he water, so you slip and slide while laughing uncontrollably as you tumble down the hill. And when you are done? There are hot tubs for you to relax in when taking a breather in between ‘rolls’.

Dune Buggy/Sandboarding in Paracas

12 Days in Peru

(Included activity on our trip)

In Reserva Nacional de Paracas off the coast of Peru sits a spectacular desert on earth with towering sand dunes as far as the eye can see. Our groups buckle up and ride dune buggies all around, dune hopping with the desert breeze in their hair until the Peruvian sun sets down behind them. Not only that, but we even try surfing on one of these sand dunes on a sandboard! Surfs up!

Want to see more 'must try' activties on a Detours trip? Make sure to check out our 'Detours Guide to Our 'Must Try' Activities: Part 1' where we share even more favorite group activities!