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Gay Tours and Travel

Detours is a laid-back approach to gay group travel with flexible and fun-filled itineraries in diverse destinations around the world. Our less-structured, small-group trips ensure social opportunities, unique experiences, and unforgettable adventures across each of our 8 to 13-day trips.

Why Detours

Smaller Group Sizes

Most groups have a maximum of 16 people - keeps things intimate and low impact

Guaranteed Departures

Over 60 trips each year - and they're all guaranteed departures with no minimum travelers required

Structured Spontaneity

Flexible, less-structured itineraries leave plenty of room for unique experiences

Our Trips

12 Days in Peru

Starting at $4,060 USD

8 Days in Peru

Starting at $3,690 USD

12 Days in Spain

Starting at $3,660 USD

10 Days in Europe

Starting at $3,540 USD

11 Days in New Zealand

Starting at $3,830 USD

11 Days in Scandinavia

Starting at $4,180 USD

10 Days in Egypt

Starting at $4,470 USD

11 Days in Costa Rica

Starting at $3,870 USD

11 days in South Africa

Starting at $4,180 USD

11 Days in Greece

Starting at $3,840 USD

11 Days in Portugal & Morocco

Starting at $4,370 USD

8 Days in Italy

Starting at $3,320 USD

10 Days in Japan

Starting at $4,130 USD

10 Days in Australia

Starting at $4,240 USD


Justin P. - USA

September 12, 2023

Detours Travel gave me the trip of a lifetime and one of the best weeks of my life in a castle in Italy! I booked this trip for the first time a little less than a year ago based on raving reviews from a friend of mine and Detours lived up to the reviews and then some. Every single detail gets thought through meticulously, leaving me to focus on nothing but relaxing and enjoying the sites. Optional lead tours are available at times, if you choose and each day has the perfect balance of planned activities that you can opt in or out of. I was able to pay for my trip in installments which made financial sense, and any time I had any issue or change needed, a quick email did the trick with no work needed on my end. Travel to and from the destinations are all planned ahead, and trip leaders are knowledgeable, friendly and create an inclusive environment to ensure everyone feels welcome and like friends. The masterminds behind the scenes go out of their way to make sure that this trip is unforgettable, I'm already planning my next one. Thanks Detours!

Paul B. - USA

September 26, 2023

I rarely write reviews but I simply had to write one for Detours after returning from their Italy trip. Honestly, the way I found Detours is that I searched for “Gay tour Italy”. And while there were a number of tour groups offering trips to Italy, Detours had a trip that was closest to the dates I wanted to travel. So I booked the trip and hoped for the best! But I didn’t need to worry, and you won’t need to worry either if you book with them. My trip leaders ended up being Miles & Ollie and they were both knowledgeable, professional, helpful, friendly, entertaining, and adorable. They thought of every detail and even included some surprises along the way. I met some great people and made memories that will last a lifetime. I was genuinely sad when it was over. This trip actually meant a lot to me and thanks to Detours, it was everything I had hoped for and more. I can’t imagine booking with anyone else in the future. Now I just need to decide where to go next!

Efren E. - USA

March 11, 2024

As we wrap up our trip to Egypt, I thank Detours for a second amazing trip, having gone to South Africa last year. Once again, the tour was well-organized from beginning to end. Maurice was fully available in the months leading up to the trip. Once on the ground, Darren was my tour leader for a second year in a row. He is an enthusiastic, organized, kind and true leader. He created a fun and friendly atmosphere while also providing daily guidance and updates on when and where to eat, what to bring, what to wear and great tips based on previous trips. He is always willing to help or trouble-shoot on any questions. He really looks out for his guests. Hend was our local Egyptian content expert and educator and provided tremendous insights on all our sites and Egyptian history. She is a lovely person who was also instrumental in helping the group seamlessly navigate every city we visited, providing best recommendations on where and what to eat, how much to tip, and much more. She is open to sharing what life is like in Egypt and providing insights on topics including Islam.
We kept thinking: I would not have wanted to wing this trip on my own. We felt extremely welcome and safe on this trip. The actual experiences and sites are breath-taking. Loved everything about this trip. I would go as far as to say that it was the best trip of my entire life.

Stephen A. - USA

May 8, 2024

I just got home from 12 days in Spain with Brandon (and Clay in training)... this trip was nothing short of amazing. It was my first time to all of the locations on the trip. In real life, I like to be in control of everything... but on this trip, I handed it over to the most unflappable, kind, energetic, creative and outstanding team leader (Brandon) that anyone could wish for. There was not a T uncrossed or an I undotted... in the trip descriptions, it appears that you may have to figure out more than you actually do... if you want a trip where you can leave your brain at home, you can have it... if you want a lot of free time, you can do that too. You always have dinner companions, like minded excursion buddies and photographers if you want them. For purposes of anyone who might think they are too young or old, our age group ranged from 30 to early 60's (I am closer to the older side of that group lol), but it did not make a difference! I would say the trip gave me an opportunity to grow, reflect, energize and enjoy. It was truly one of those trips that make you feel even better about life when it was done. I truly cannot thank Brandon enough for his leadership... Clay for his partnership... and the many friends I made on this trip (you know who your are!)... I haven't laughed as much as I did in this trip in a long time... stop pondering whether you should book it, just do it... you will not regret it!

T.J. M. - USA

January 29, 2023

It’s hard to find almost any business that “gets you” these days. Travel has changed so much in the past few years so it’s a big investment of time, money and expectation when you book a trip. I’ve just completed my 5th tour with Detours and I can’t say enough great things about them. This is a business built from the ground up with a passion for fun, adventure, comfort and value foremost in mind. All the tour leaders with Detours are reflections of the qualities the owner envisions. They’re all about YOU! They know what they’re doing and have never let me down or fallen short of providing an unforgettable experience. If you haven’t yet, book a tour with them and be ready to be amazed at what they do.

Rick W. - USA

June 2, 2023

Choosing Detours Travel was the best decision I have very made seriously, without a doubt the best vacation I have ever had!!!!!

I have never traveled with a group of 16 Gay Men of various backgrounds, interests; to be very honest this was an "out of the box" moment for me which caused much anxiety going in.

From the moment I arrived in Athens a day early I reached out via What's App to see who was in town, hooked up with 3 guys in a few hours and the adventure began.

Our Leader Brandon who was in contact with us as soon as we began the adventure and continued to check on all the group several times either in person or on line, everyday this man is on top of everything!
He instantly wins everyone over with his amazing energetic, positive, humorous, welcoming, kind, warm, personality he knows his business inside and out nothing stumps him he always comes thru even after hours.
What a beyond excellent representative for Detours Travel
Bravo Brandon!!!!!

The trip every detail looked after amazing transfers, hotels, restaurants, scheduled and extra tours offered ( no hard sell just suggestions you may want to pursue or not )

Any of my friends knows I am a tough demanding customer with high standards.
I can honestly say all were met no complaints whatsoever ever I would go on another Detours adventure for sure maybe only travel this way from now on

Two more things I will share:

1/ I had a little incident with an ATV vehicle no injury to me whatsoever Brandon managed me and was the go between with vendor keeping me informed with calming grace and figuring all out.

2/ before reaching our last destination Brandon shared there was problem with my room but assured me it would be handled as it was; when we reached hotel the management was amazing laid out the options which I agreed to - Amazing Property & Service.

That is it...... having a tough time..... without Detours & Brandon getting thru may days without their guidance

Cheers to you all,

Stephen D. USA

November 20, 2023

I took my first and certainly not the last Detours trip. It was to Portugal and Morocco, in October. My tour Guides Ollie and Shane were awesome. They helped with any questions and looked into any additional activities that you might want to do. I specifically asked about a balloon ride in Morocco that was one of my highlights. The accommodations were all great. This trip exceeded all my expectations. I have always been a solo traveler and it was nice to share this with fellow travelers. I found I did activities I most likely would have not done on my own. Taking a Tajine cooking class, gone on a camel ride, private dinner for the group at someone's home. This gave me the opportunity to explore and understand the culture and perspective of life that I would have missed otherwise. There were many planned activities but also plenty of down time, to do your own thing. I look forward to many more Detours adventures.

Brian M. - USA

January 19, 2023

A Detours travel experience is like no other and I simply cannot recommend them more highly. If you enjoy well-planned, yet flexible itineraries, experienced trip leaders, knowledgeable local guides, high-quality accommodations, and small groups that breed new friendships, then you'll love Detours.

We've taken 2 trips with Detours. One to Egypt and one to Thailand & Cambodia. In both cases, our trip leader, Shane, was the ultimate host. We've loved every minute of these trips and will go on another as soon as we can. Detours was started ten years ago (we got to celebrate their birthday in Cambodia!) by guys who are passionate about travel and wanted to build a brand that could extend that passion to their guests. They've cracked that code and we are thrilled to have been referred to them by friends.

Detours balances hundreds of factors to build amazing travel experiences that are affordable yet lean into higher quality. This is no budget vacation package but it's also not a luxury package. And speaking of packages, while there is a framework of itinerary and pre-booked activities, there is also a lot of flexibility built-in. With small groups up to about 15 guests, this allows time to go off on your own or in small groups with newly-minted Detourse friends to explore your location. That's perfect for seasoned travelers as well as those who are just beginning to experience international travel.

Happy 10th Birthday, Detours! We are so thrilled to have found you and highly recommend that readers of this review visit your website and find their next trip of a lifetime!

Stratis C. - USA

June 4, 2024

We signed up for our first tour group as we headed to Greece largely bc we didn't speak the language and didn't want to worry about transport, planning, etc. What we got in return was so much more. Our amazing and fearless leader Dan shepherded us - and 10 others - on an amazing journey that included everything from jumping off 20' cliffs into the Agean, seemingly endless shots at Jackie O's with the beautiful staff, a white themed party on a pirates ship, an archeologist led tour of Delos, and so much more. We couldn't have asked for a better group, leader, or experience. If you are waffling on whether a tour is right for you, waffle no more. Side notes: Daily excursions are not required, so if you don't feel like particularly active, no sweat. Dinner is arranged every night, which takes any guesswork out of the equation. HUGE shoutout to Dan and the entire Detours team. They couldn't have made it easier, more fun, or rewarding. We'll remember this trip for the rest of our lives.

Brooks B. - USA

March 28, 2024

Just finished up my 9th trip with Detours Travel and it was yet again another incredible trip! My first trip was in Costa Rica in 2015. Since then I have traveled with Detours to Peru, Thailand, South Africa, Croatia, Israel/Jordan, Italy, Scandinavia and New Zealand. If you are looking for a memorable trip with amazing adventures, I highly recommend you book with Detours! I am less than a week from returning from New Zealand and already thinking about my next trip.

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