8 Days in Peru

Of all the wonders in the world, few have the incredible mystery and allure as the sky-high, gravity-defying, mountaintop estate of Machu Picchu, and for good reason!  From the bustling capital city of Lima, to the traditional stone streets of Ollantaytambo, and from the ancient fortress of Cusco, to the jaw-dropping ruins of Machu Picchu, Peru is a country of incredible contrasts. The country with the “WOW” factor, and a destination on everyone’s must-visit bucket list.

Our 8-day trip through Peru mixes our laid-back travel concept with Peru’s most unique and memorable sites to form an adventure that you’ll be talking about forever.  If you've ever dreamed of soaking up the incredible mountaintop Inca ruins of Machu Picchu, taking a scenic train journey through the Peruvian Andes, or walking in the footsteps of an ancient civilization, join us for an incredible 8 days you'll never forget.

Day 1 - LIMA

Most travelers will arrive into Peru's largest airport in Lima on day 1 and meet at our starting and ending point in the community of Miraflores at 4pm to start our adventure. Our time here in Lima is spent exploring the highlights of the city including the rich history, the famous culinary scene, and the naturally beautiful coastline. Lima may not be on the list of the world's most wild gay communities, but there is plenty of nightlife and a very welcoming community in Miraflores.

Days 2 and 3 - SACRED VALLEY

On our second day we jet off into the Andes Mountains on a 90-minute flight to Cusco, then down the road into the Sacred Valley to spend two nights in the beautiful town of Yucay. The altitude here is over 2000 feet lower than Cusco so staying in the valley will assist with the feelings of the higher altitude compared to Cusco. Surrounded by history and natural beauty, our two nights here are an opportunity to immerse ourselves in the ancient times of the Incas who ruled over this area hundreds of years ago. The beauty of the area and the surrounding Inca ruins ensure this is an unforgettable stop in Peru.  Included during your time here is a full day of exploring the ancient salt flats of Maras, the unique ancient agricultural site of Moray, and the historically significant mountain town of Ollantaytambo, complete with cliff-side ruins!


Our fourth day is a day that’s surely been in your mind for many years. We depart Ollantaytambo in the morning on a 2 hour train journey through the Andes, winding along the Urubamba River. Before long we arrive in the mountain town of Aguas Calientes, names after the hot spring flowing nearby. From Aguas Calientes it’s only another 20 minutes by bus to the unforgettable mountaintop ruins of Machu Picchu. Our first two hours here is spent exploring the ruins with our favorite local Peruvian guide, who was born and raised in the area and an expert on everything Machu Picchu. The rest of our day is spent soaking up the incredible site which was lost to the outside world for many centuries. Instead of rushing off the mountain to catch the train back out of town, we stay the night at the base of the mountain in Aguas Calientes, giving us what seems like Machu Picchu all to ourselves.

Days 5, 6, and 7 - CUSCO

On day 5 we leave time for catching the sunrise at Machu Picchu or braving the hike up Wayna Picchu before jumping on the scenic afternoon train and heading back to Cusco. Our three-night stay in Cusco gives us time to visit many of the area’s ancient sites, taste the unique local food, take part in a hike, and even experience some gay nightlife way up in the Andes.

It’s true, the city of Cusco is perched high up in the Andean mountain range at an altitude of approximately 11,000ft (3,000m) above sea level. The air up here is clean and surprisingly warm (during the daytime) and the city is a contrast of ancient stone streets and cathedrals scattered among a modern commercial center. Cusco is a destination in itself as well as a jumping off point to the Sacred Valley to the west, the Amazon to the north, and the higher peaks of the Andes and Lake Titicaca to the east.  Although we fly into Cusco from Lima, our three nights here come after our visit to the lower altitudes of the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu in order to avoid the effects of Cusco’s altitude, so there’s absolutely no need to worry about the altitude here!


The 8th and final day of the trip is our goodbye and "hasta luego" day.  Travelers are free to depart from Cusco at any time of this day, or continue on with our 12-day travelers or towards any other incredible sites Peru has to offer!

We don't like staying in smelly shacks on our vacations, and we're pretty sure you don't either! After working hard for your trip, you deserve an enjoyable, comfortable place to wind down at the end of your day. We put a LOT of time into finding the perfect accommodation for your trip so after sniffing around, fluffing pillows, and testing showers we have narrowed down our favorite properties that won't disappoint. Check out our approved accommodation to get an idea of the types of places you can expect to lay your head during your Detours trip.

  LIMA - Innside by Melia Miraflores

  Why we love this property:

  •   • Located in the heart of Miraflores
      • Plenty of hot/cold breakfast options
      • Friendly and helpful staff
      • Contemporary design

  CUSCO - Rumi Punku

  Why we love this property:

  • Traditional Inca-inspired architecture
  • Very quiet yet close to everything
  • Friendly and helpful staff
  • Several peaceful courtyards

  YUCAY - La Casona de Yucay

  Why we love this property:

  • Stunning riverside location
  • Restaurant uses own farm-grown food
  • Relaxing sauna for guest use
  • Beautifully maintained gardens
  • Rooms with lots of local character 

  MACHU PICCHU (AGUAS CALIENTES) - Tierra Viva Machu Picchu

  Why we love this property:

 • Lush Andes mountains within steps
 • Local Peruvian design
 • Located in the heart of Aguas Calientes
 • Away from the loud train tracks

*Please note that due to availability, these exact hotels may not all be available during all DETOURS trips. However, we will always replace these with similar hotels, and will never downgrade.

The Climate

On this 8-day trip we'll be spending the majority of our time high up in the Andes mountain range. While the daytime is completely warm enough for shorts and a t-shirt, the evenings cool down to sweater-weather. Temperatures don't change much in Peru where instead of a 4-season climate, they only experience a dry season (April to November) and a wet season (December to March). It's a good idea to bring a couple items of warm clothing for those brisk mountain evenings, although the majority of your time will be nice and warm! Rain is not common in the season we operate in, but light rain gear is a good idea as a precaution.

The People

Peruvians are very proud, friendly people and embody the passion for so many things that Latin people are famous for. Although English is very widely spoken, consider learning a few words of Spanish while you're here, we recommend starting off with “Hola” (hello), “Gracias” (thank you), and of course “Donde esta Machu Picchu?” (where’s Machu Picchu?)

The Food

Enjoy Peruvian food? It's even better in Peru! The cuisine here has recently been receiving worldwide attention for its incredible flavor and diversity. Beef, chicken, beans, chicharron, and flavorful mixed rice dishes can be found on almost every menu. Detours doesn't believe in limiting your choices by including all of your meals at pre-decided restaurants as part of the trip package. Instead, we include all of your breakfasts to start your day off, then encourage you to explore all of the different restaurant options available to you for lunch and dinner. This way you can eat when you want, where you want, with whomever you want, and spend what you want! Your trip leader definitely has their favorite spots so if you'd like some advice on the best in each location, just check with them.

What to Bring

Our advice is simple. Pack your bag, then take half of those things out and leave them back home. It’s common to hear people wishing they’d packed less stuff, but we’ve never heard anyone complain that they didn’t bring enough. Even if you realize you forget to pack some crucial item you can always pick up a replacement once you arrive in Lima. We'll include some trip-specific packing advice based on expected weather as part of our update email to you, sent 60 days prior to your trip.


We REALLY suggest just bringing your regular bank card from home and using the local ATMs to get cash; in our experience it’s much cheaper than any currency exchange service in Peru or even at home. Peru uses Nuevo Soles as their local currency, although US Dollars and credit cards are also commonly accepted at most restaurants.


Tipping isn’t a native Peruvian custom, however, it is always appreciated by local service staff. We suggest tipping for any services that go above and beyond expectations. That extra dollar or two on a dinner bill is very appreciated by the service staff. Our local guides during the trip are the exception to this, as their position has come to expect tips for a job well done.


We have pretty high standards when it comes to choosing our accommodations, and trust us, we’ve done plenty of room-sniffing, pillow-patting, and bathroom inspections to make sure we stay at quality spots. To be approved as a Detours accommodations provider, a guesthouse must: be locally owned (to support the local community), be in an amazing location (close to the hot spots), AND be gay-owned or gay-friendly. We won't be staying in 5-star Ritz-Carltons but we also won't subject you to anything we wouldn't want to stay in ourselves. Clean, comfortable, well-located spots that'll put a smile on your face, you can count on that!

Trip Leaders

All of our trip leaders are gay, and all certified leaders must undergo a rigorous training routine that includes deep-fried cricket eating, and impromptu dancing tests. Apart from these vital skills, we require our leaders to know their stuff really, really well. Underneath their fun and quirky facades, our trip leaders are experts and passionate about what they do. Don’t hesitate to ask them to teach you some Spanish or question them about a random statue you might see along the way. Their job is to help ensure that this is your trip of a lifetime by taking the hassle out of your trip and enabling you to experience everything you came to Peru for.

Alarm Clocks

We do absolutely everything possible to avoid needing such a mundane awakening. A world without alarm clocks is one we want to be part of, and your “rise and shine” while in Peru should come from the sound of crashing waves or church bells in the distance. However, sometimes we are required to make early departures, but we do everything we can to minimize this.

Extending Your Trip

For many people, 8 days in Peru just isn’t enough time. If you’re lucky enough to be able to stay longer, or if you decide to quit your job and become a beach bum in the South America for the rest of your life, we’d be happy to help you extend (or cancel!) your return flight. We’ve been all over the area, so don’t think twice about asking where to go or what to do after your Detours trip is complete. Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia, more of Peru... many interesting destinations are close-by.

Your Group

Our Detours groups are run with a maximum of 15 travelers. Ages of group members vary but around 90% of our travelers are in their 30's, 40's, and 50's.  Whatever the age of the guys on our trips everyone's already got something in common, an exciting new experience in a new country! Each group is led by a Detours trip leader who is there to ensure everything goes off without a hitch, allowing you to focus on having the time of your life!

A Little Bit About Modesty

The areas of Peru that we'll be visiting are quite open-minded and most people will be welcoming of homosexuality. That said, Peruvian culture is largely influenced by the Catholic church, and public displays of affection are generally frowned upon. In respect for their local culture we usually suggest keeping your excitement and affection for your partner to more private locations.

Solo Travelers

No problem! Don’t worry, lots of our travelers come solo and our trip will provide plenty of chances to meet great people both inside and outside of our group, including other solos. As far as your accommodations go, you’ve got two choices. We can either pair you up with another solo group member in a two-bed room for no extra charge, or you can have your own room for a reasonable surcharge.

Electrical Outlets

Peru uses a "type A" and "type B" plug, the same as North America and several other places in the world. The voltage is 220V with 60 Hz frequency. These days, the majority of items that are plugged into an outlet are built to handle varying voltage and frequency levels, but just to be sure, we suggest checking your item for its accetable range

What's included? • All taxes • All road and rail transportation within Peru • Domestic flight from Lima to Cusco • Accommodations for your 8-day Detours experience • All full breakfasts • Entrance fee to Machu Picchu • 2 hour guided Machu Picchu tour • Welcome dinner / drinks in Lima • Full day Sacred Valley tour including Maras and Ollantaytambo • Group travel within Peru • Knowledgeable and fun Detours leader • 

What isn't included? • Meals and drinks outside of those listed above • Activities outside of the those listed above • International Airfare • Optional gratuities •

Additional spending budget?  Your big-ticket items are included through the trip, but you'll want to budget for additional spending such as additional meals, drinks, shopping, activities, etc. These costs can vary dramatically with differing personal habits but we suggest expecting to spend an additional $600 USD at the lower end for the more budget-conscious and $1000 USD at the higher end for the splurgers.  We suggest arriving to Peru with approximately 1000 local Peruvian Soles.


Trip Reviews

Our travelers love us, and you will too.

Chris G. - USA

November 11, 2018

First time with Detours, and it was a blast. I was hesitant to go by myself--show up solo--but the tour was full of fun group activities. There were a few unexpected changes to the itinerary (cancelled flight, delays), and Detours quickly attended to it. It was a time to relax and meet new people.

I'm still stoked about my recent trip to Peru. I already ordered airline tickets for South Africa/Zimbabwe for next year. I hope some of Peru buddies will join me...

Ron V. - USA

October 30, 2018

It’s an adventure of a lifetime that you can’t get enough of... the moment I came back from Peru, I was planning my next adventure with Detours. Left with fond memories with newly found friends under the very able guidance of an amazing and engaging trip leader.

Steven B. - USA

August 4, 2018

My partner, Richard, and I just returned from a wonderful trip to Peru with Detours, my first Detours experience, his second. We had great weather for Machu Picchu, Cusco, Paracas and the Nasca Lines, enjoyed the hotels, from Lima to the Valle Sagrado, and experienced some excellent Peruvian food - even had a surprisingly wonderful cooking class (thanks Chris!) We managed the high altitudes well and enjoyed the challenges of all of our activities. It was an extremely active and fascinating tour, very well planned, and very diverse.

The people we met on the tour were an interesting group, with varied backgrounds and turned out to be great travel partners. We met several who we will continue to see, proud to call them friends.

Then there was our tour leader, James. What a excellent man. His energy, commitment to Detours and our successful travel experience, and kindness helped make it one of the best vacations I've ever had. He has a great sense of humor and an insightful awareness of the needs of his charges and he loves to travel, a love which boosted our appreciation of what we were undertaking.

I only corresponded with Miles but I felt taken care of in preparation for our trip thanks to him and the trip itself was superb - wonderfully executed.

Philip S. - USA

June 3, 2018

The trip to Machu Picchu was perfect. It is a magical place that is all that you read about. Our trip was very well organized and everything ran like clockwork. Miles is a terrific host and guide and really cares about people getting the most out of their trip. I have traveled with other tour groups and this trip ranks right up there as one of the best. You will not be disappointed!

Robin D. - USA

May 30, 2018

Peru May 2018...from start to finish, every detail was seamless, excellent group leader (James) took good care of us each step of the way and he is funny also, lends to the overall enjoyment of our trip. Yep, gonna book another Detours trip soon, had soooo much fun!

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